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Friday, June 27, 2014
I am a self-proclaimed scent lover. It's simply because when you love your scent, you feel you are at your best. You feel confident. I buy colognes and perfumes but it's takes really long before I actually get to empty a bottle. My nostrils tend fatigue with the scent at some point only to come back using them again after some time. And so at times, I prefer to buy the handy ones. It helps for me especially during duty days that I try to fit a lot of personal toiletries to work.

I recently got to try the perfumes from Sophia Love Fragrances. Aside from the products she generously sent for my recent blog anniversary giveaway, Ms. Roma Rivera, the shop owner, had sent me a few sample bottles to try. 

Sophia Love is an online perfume shop that offers scents in different bottle sizes depending on your budget. 

She sent me 3 different scents that I personally picked from the 70+ scents listed on her instagram account. I also personally chose the label to be placed and the font to be used in the label. So here were my choices:

1. Bvlgari Petits et Maman for Nathan (font in Emily) 
 "A delicate fragrance for the shared pleasure of mothers and children. With chamomile and talc notes, the sunny fragrance also includes Sicilian bergamot and orange notes."

2. Clinique Happy for Men for Kelmer
 "A refreshing fruity fragrance. A blend of citrussy lemon, mandarin, orange and grapefruit."

3. DKNY Be Delicious for Elaine (font in Emma)
"A fresh and light fragrance for women. Luminous accords of grapefruit are blended with rose and jasmine petals. The ultimate flirty and joyous scent for spring."

What did I like about Sophia Love Fragrances?

1. The perfume bottles are wrapped and shipped with bubble wrap to prevent breakage. It was sealed to also avoid mixing the scents together. As you can see in the photos below, though, the labels smudged when the bottles sort of leaked. When I shared this with Ms. Roma, she promised to upgrade her labels with anti-bleed ink.

2. They are packaged in a frosted bottles.  I kind of prefer perfumes in glass bottles than those in plastic ones because I can keep them really long without having to worry about eroding plastic materials in the liquid. They are even easily refillable.

3.  There are a lot of scents to choose from. Sophia Love offers several scents from the following collection:
  • Designer-inspired perfumes (Homme, Femme, Unisexe, Enfante and Jo Malone
  • Sophia Love signature fragrances
  • Faith, love, hope & serendipity
  • Floral, fruity & yummy
  • Floral collection

Even at the comforts of your home, you can get a hint of the scent you want by visiting their very descriptive instagram account.

4. The scents are really long-lasting. The eau de parfum contains 20% fragrance oil. And I attest that it's oil-based because when my bottle leaked and smudged, it was really oil! Hehe. I don't need to repeatedly spray throughout the day. Even after a rowdy play, I could still the perfume's odor on Nathan's clothes. Likewise, it's a plus for me since my line of work is one that can make you sweat so a perfume that keeps me smelling good throughout my 24-hour of duty is important. But what's even essential for me is that I can wear it on any day and any type of occasion. 

Nathan's first ever designer-inspired eau de parfum
5. It comes in handy. They are available in 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 and 85 ml bottles. You could buy a small traveler's bottle and keep a bigger size at home. If you're a bit doubtful of the scent you choose, you may also have the option of trying out a scent by buying the smaller sizes first before you purchase the bigger ones.
I could just easily fit it inside my chaotic toiletry bag. Haha!

6. They are affordable. There are a lot of refillable perfume stations out there in the market but I don't think you can get as much savings from Sophia Love's online shop. The perfumes are available in sets of 3, 4 and 6 so you can also cut cost on shipping.

7. It's personalized! You can choose any scent you like and customize it with your own label and font size. You can also select the how concentrated the fragrance oils are in your own bottle. You can even put a pop of color on your fragrances. Really cool!

You can choose any scent you like from their list and they will customize the label for you; may it be for personal use, gifts, souvenirs, etc. As for my very own personalized perfume, - See more at:
You can choose any scent you like from their list and they will customize the label for you; may it be for personal use, gifts, souvenirs, etc. As for my very own personalized perfume, - See more at:
Aside from its line of perfumes, Sophia Love also created its own line of bath and body products and home fragrances. Ms. Roma also sends me the shea and cocoa butter beauty bar that I have yet to try and a bottle of Lavender and Vanilla home fragrances, which really smelled good and stayed long in our room.

Also, you may also purchase Sophia Love products as custom-made favors for weddings, birthday and corporate giveaways. I really recommend Sophia Love fragrances especially for those like me who gets fatigue with scents easily. I hope to try perfumes from other collection soon. Many thanks, Sophia Love!

If you are interested with these products, you can visit Sophia Love on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclaimer: All reviews on this blog are the honest opinion of the author. They are not, in any way, affected by sponsor samples.


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    So this is what the craze was all about. I've been seeing Sophia Love perfumes over Facebook a month or so ago. It looks really nice and having a personalized perfume is a really nice touch. It's a perfect gift idea for someone special. :)

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