1 is Better than 2 Summer Giveaway (Part 2): Ten Tee Shirts

Sunday, March 10, 2013

For the sequel of my 1 is Better than 1 Summer Giveaway, I’ll be giving away a cool shirt and bag courtesy of Ten Tee by Ms. Kristen Ramos!

Ten Tee’s online store showcases their personalized printed and hand-painted shirts. I personally love this Team Wesley shirt, which I saw, was even designed for my med school classmates, Jacq and Jill (small world, eh?).

Their Creative Juice Box Queen, Just Shoot, Hail Manresa and Hyper for Christ are among their best sellers. These colorful silkscreen shirts are all original designs and are available at very reasonable prices.

Aside from these fun tees, they also take pride in their Viva Vintage Bags. These are vintage bags recreated with recycled accessories and have been redesigned by painting. The bags are certified original and unique as they only make 1 bag per design so you can be sure there’s no one here on Earth living with the same bag as yours. Haha.

They also have these necklace shirts which are shirts with artwork connected to the necklace design so one cannot be worn without the other. Yes, that’s instant accessories for you.

And for all those who love dancing, these adorable Sayawera merchandise will be available this March!

If you wanna see more of their creations, you can check out their Facebook page or visit their shop at Capital G at the 3rd level of Robinsons Galleria.

Onto our giveaway, Ms. Ten of Ten Tee is giving away these goodies for you dear readers!

1 personalized design shirt - handpainted (in small regular size)

1 Paris body bag with cellphone case

a 20% discount off your next purchase!

You already know how this works. Just follow the Rafflecopter steps below to be eligible for this giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

The winner will be announced on this blog and my twitter account so make sure to follow me during the whole duration of the contest. Please be also reminded that I will personally verify the winning entry just to be fair to all who joined. Prizes will be shipped to the winner.

Happy Tees! =)


  1. Thea M said...:

    Thea Moraleja
    What is your summer must-have? Sun glasses & sunblock

  1. Name: Jerlyn Regañon Dahonan
    Email address: spbslaine@yahoo.com
    Twitter: twitter.com/K3Umismo

    What is your summer must-have? A sunglass & halo-halo that makes me refreshing.:)

  1. abigail tabuzo said...:

    Email address: beebee.gail@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @abigailtabuzo

    What is your summer must-have? A sunglass, swimwear, and refreshers! :))))

    Email address: makarsha1213@gmail.com
    Twitter: @karence1317

    What is your summer must-have? Sunglasses and ombre shorts :)

  1. Ella Marie said...:

    Name: Ella Marie M. Cayao
    Email address: alleazodnem@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @eiramalle

    What is your summer must-have? sunglasses, sunblock, umbrella and water

  1. joy adalia said...:

    joy adalia

    my summer must-have? salbabida and snorkel!!! :) pang beach :)

  1. Gigi Beleno said...:

    Regina C. Beleno
    Answer to question: umbrella, sunglasses, sunblock, clean water

  1. Name: Liza Marie Valenzuela
    Email Address: ms.isang12@yahoo.com.ph
    Twitter: @lizamarie_0112

    What is your summer must-have? - Sunglasses, umbrella, a bottle of water, sunblock and a comfortable shirt!

  1. Name: Jill said...:

    Name: Jillianne Pardo
    Email: jilliannepardo@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @jilltaz8
    My summer must-have, that actually should be a must-have all year round is sunblock. During summer, one should always, always have Halo-halo.

  1. Rica said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. sherry ann gole cruz
    my summer must have are sunblock,flipflops and a pair of sunglasses

  1. jawsmayobanico said...:

    Name: Jawaher Banico
    Email address: jawsmayobanico@gmail.com
    Twitter: @jawsbanico
    What is your summer must-have? My sunblock to keep my skin healthy and avoid harmful UV rays.

  1. mary reana said...:

    mary a. reana
    sunglasses, sunblock and lipstick!

  1. Joy Merced said...:

    Lovely Joy Merced
    My summer must-have are sunblock and shades :)

  1. Richelle Manuel
    Flipflops and sunnies!

  1. Riyalyn Gatdula
    My summer must-have are Summer kits and SLR!

  1. henley said...:

    Henley Tabal

    What is your summer must-have? Maxidress & Flipflops

  1. Belinda Ibanez said...:

    Belinda B. Ibañez

    My summer must-have are summer dress and sunglasses

  1. Mikee Cruz said...:

    Mikee Cruz
    My summer must have sunglasses and fitflops

  1. careninay said...:

    Karen B. Lutao

    sunglasses and forals!:3

  1. Vanessa Rose Palacio

    My summer must-have is summer dress, camera, sunglasses, sunblock and refreshers! <3

  1. Jamelle Katrina Castro

    Lip gloss, sun block, and camera

    Email address: stugadi@gmail.com
    Twitter: steph_tugadi

    My summer must-haves are the following: maxi dress, sunglasses, flipflops, swimsuit, sunblock, lip balm, camera!

  1. Aine G. said...:

    Name: MelaineGarcia
    Email: aineblogs(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @ainyxi

    My summer must have are sunglasses, flipflops, and short shorts. :D

  1. Name: Maricar Canillas-Saladino
    Email address: icarxcx_cbm@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @icarxcx

    sunglasses, flipflops, tshirts and shorts! :)

  1. aiko borja said...:

    name:aiko borja
    fb username:aiko borja

    my summer must haves are sunglasses flip flops tshirtss and more shortss :)

    hope to win #crossfingers

  1. Erica Baylosis said...:

    name: Erica M. Baylosis
    email: ericabaylosis@rocketmail.com
    twitter: @EricaBaylosis
    fb username: Erica M. Baylosis

    my summer must have shorts, sandos , eye glasses , slippers and ofcourse halo halo , ice candy or shake :) hehe

  1. Stephanie Lee said...:

    Stephanie Lee

    My summer must have is sunnies , two-piece , shorts , slippers and sunblock :)

  1. Joselma Rom Gumapac

    My summer must have are;

  1. aida said...:

    Aida Villanueva

    My summer must have are: sunglasses, swimsuit, digicam, sandals

  1. Marlene Yanga said...:

    Marlene R. Yanga

    My summer must have are:cotton tee,shorts,shades,fit flops and everything with SPF 15 and up.


  1. Mikee Garcia said...:

    Mikee Mae Garcia
    My summer must haves are: sunblock, swimwear and fitflops and a fictional book.

  1. Elie Udasco said...:

    Name: Emilie P. Udasco
    Email address: eliecious@rocketmail.com
    Twitter: @Eliecious
    My Summer must have are lotion with SPF, sun glasses and hat! ;)

  1. heyitsmeyani said...:

    Ariane Dela Cruz
    My summer must-haves are bottle of water, Nivea cooling mist, sunglasses,shorts, tank tops & flip flops. :))

  1. Kimberly Tiu said...:

    Kimberly Camille Tiu

    Sunglasses and sun block

  1. Ruth Orinoco said...:

    Ruth Orinoco

    Sunglasses and denim shorts :)

  1. Marine Therese said...:

    Therese Decena

    answer to this question: What is your summer must-have?
    Sarong,Sun Block on my face & Lips & a cute hat..:)

  1. Karen Bernarte said...:


    Answer is: HAT, sunnies, & sunblock. ^_^

  1. mayla lagrimas said...:

    Mayla Lagrimas

    Sunblock, sunglasses, spray cooling mist w/sunblock, lip balm, short & sleeveless top, flip flops.

  1. Lois Ronquillo said...:

    name: Idyll Ronquillo
    e-mail: idyll.ronquillo@ymail.com
    username: @idyllalala

    summer must-haves:sunblock, shades, and lots of water!

  1. Janel Manila said...:

    Name: Janel Manila
    Email: macho_janel@yahoo.com
    Twitter: janel_manila

    Summer must haves are simple short and sleeveless, sunglasses and a hat. :)

  1. Name: Dovi Amor Sabong
    Email address: dovisabong@gmail.com
    Twitter: @dovidovidoo

    My summer must haves are sunblock, fab hat, cute sleveless, sexy shorts and a comfy slippers.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Julie-Ann Sta. Ines julie15ann22@gmail.com

    My summer must haves are
    sunblock, hat, sunglasses, water

  1. Larissa said...:

    Larissa De Guzman Manguba

    I always gotta have sunnies when it's Summer. 8|

  1. Name : Jennifer Cristobal
    Email address : jenny_cutelee@yahoo.com
    Twitter : @ohohjhen
    My summer must haves are Sunglass/Sunnies, SunBlock, Swimwear, & Camera

  1. Precious May Yasay

    Well, my summer must have a beach/food/maxiDress/sunnies/swimsuits/shorts/tee's and camera. ;)

  1. maoshmao shmao said...:

    Ma. Alyssa Sancon

    my summer must have are sunnies and shorts!! sunnies because i get to dizzy from too much sun, so i always make sure to protect my eye.. and shorts because it is so hot for pants and well shorts are my staple get up ;>

  1. Ann Cajis said...:

    Name: Chris-Ann Cajis
    email: cajis.ann8@gmail.com
    twitter name: @aaannniiieee8

    Mu summer must have a perfect comfortable outfit like sandos and obre shorts with the prefect sunnies and perfect swimsuit for swimming! And never forget to bring a camera to have a great souvenir and capture perfect moments with loved ones.

  1. Name: Danica Cristobal
    Email: danicks16@gmail.com
    Twitter: @danicks16

    My summer must have list would include a swimsuit, maxi dress, a pair of comfy sandals, sunnies and a wide brimmed hat.

  1. marielle mateo said...:

    Name: Marielle Mateo
    Email: mariellemateo14@gmail.com
    Twitter: @chiishiin

    My summer must have sunglasses, swimwear and sunblock! :)and a summer with my loved ones!

  1. Nicole Balane said...:

    Nicole Balane
    My summer must have is internet, an engrossing book to read, and a jar of Nutella.

  1. Leah Jane said...:

    Leah Jane Mendoza

    My summer must have: swimwear, summer tees, Bible-good to read not just during summer but everyday! :) God bless!

  1. Name: Ann Geleen Felix
    Email address: geleenfelix@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @geleen001
    What is your summer must-have? Sunblock, Fan, Umbrella

  1. Name: Ellaine Rose B. Mijares
    email address: ellainemijares@gmal.com
    twitter: @iamellaaa
    My summer must have would be a sunnies,maxi dress or any summer-y dress,swim wear,flip flops and sunblock lotion. summer ready! :)

  1. chen cruz said...:

    Chinly Arimbuyutan

    My summer must have is those prize from your giveaways... ;) luv it all...

  1. jhane meyer said...:

    Maryjane Mayor

    what is your summer must-have? giveaways listed above ^_^

  1. Gail Caponpon

    What is your summer must-have? Sunblock, shades, hat and of course drinking lots of water

  1. Rizza Joy Vista

    Summer must have? Sunnies paired with a maxi-dress! :")

  1. Carla Marie Domingo said...:

    Carla Marie Domingo

    my summer must-have is a good book. I could just read the lazy, hot days away.:))

  1. Emz Canales said...:

    Emilia Canales

    Summer must have. swim suit and sunblock

  1. Rachel Canales said...:

    Rachel Canales

    Sunblock shades and swim wear

  1. Hannah Prado said...:

    Hannah Prado

    Q: What is your summer must-have?
    A: Sun glasses, ombre shorts, accessories :)

  1. jacq said...:

    Jacqueline Pardo

    A: Summer break, definitely! hahahahaha.

  1. gayle sy said...:

    Abigail sy
    My summer must have is a sunblock lotion, sunglass & shorts!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Nazareth Azucena
    My summer must have is a summer dress, hat and sunglass

  1. Rizza said...:

    Rizza Licayan
    email: rizza_licayan@yahoo.com
    twitter handle: @sweetrhizza14

    My summer must-haves are sunblock, shorts and comfy tees! :)

  1. abigail ong said...:

    abigail ong
    What is your summer must-have? Sunblock and sunglasses

  1. Rochell Geronimo
    Definitely sunblock and sunglasses to protect my skin and eyes from Mr. Sunny! :)

  1. Dandy Jesch Alcabasa Pandili

    What is your summer must-have? My summer must-haves are eyeglass, sunblock and halo-halo

  1. diana angelica criss
    summer must have: SUNGLASSES

  1. Joreina Blanco said...:

    Joreina Blanco
    Summer must-have? a cute sunglass and a scarf!

  1. Littlemissinym said...:

    Iny Montallana

    What is your summer must-have? Nice pair of sunnies! :)

  1. Rizza Salas said...:

    Rizza Joanna Salas

    Eye-catching pair of sunnies, nice flipflops and cute tees and shorts/skirts. :)

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