DIY Hair Removal Sugaring and Moisturizing: The Cerana Farms Way

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Quite a bit disappointing as it is, I am one of the few women who suffers from some kind of a hormonal imbalance from one of the most popular gynecologic conditions you may know as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Yes, a bit of hirsutism can be quite a shame especially if it's on the exposed areas of your body such as the legs and the armpit.

For a few years now, I tried to shy away from razors and depilatory creams. My very first experience with depilatory creams, which I first tried during our college graduation and my first visit to a waxing salon were not really friendly. So how do I manage the unwanted hairs? I pluck. Yes, no matter how tedious. And yes, there will be those days when it gets really messy especially when the growth becomes patchy. 

I'm saying hello to Strip It! Thanks to the kind people from Cerana Farms, I was able to try out the product I've been hearing a lot from for so long. Strip It! is the best ready-to-use hair removal sugaring in the Philippines. It is made from all natural, water-soluble and hypoallergenic ingredients so it's safe to use on the body, bikini area, face and even on sensitive skin.

What's inside the Strip It! kit?

Included in the package is a 100 g tub of cold wax, a wooden spatula, reusable cloth strips, and an instruction manual. The cold wax has the sweet coconut scent in it which I really liked. The applicator spatula and cloth strips are both washable and reusable.

The Sugaring Technique 

I had my younger sister tried out the product for me first (I had to take the photos, of course. Hehe). Take note that the cold wax should only be used when hair growth has been at least 1/4 inch long especially for previously shaved hair because it's quite resistant. 

Before you do the waxing, you may dip half of the wax container in a bowl of warm water. This will make it more manageable to apply and a bit warm to the skin so as to lessen the pain afterwards. Also, make sure that you have already cut the cloth strips into your desirable sizes before starting.

Step 1: Make sure that the skin is completely clean and dry. This is important because unwanted dirt and moisture may prevent the wax from penetrating effectively on the skin surface. After soaping and cleaning with water, it may help to apply powder lightly and then, brush it off completely.

Step 2: Apply Strip It! to your skin with the wooden spatula in the direction of your hair growth. Apply just the right amount, not too thin and too thick.

Step 3: Press down firmly the cloth strip onto the waxed area and rub for a few seconds only. Leave a small space at the end of the strip for pulling and hold your skin taut so that more hair will be pulled when you strip off the cloth.

Step 4: Immediately strip off the cloth in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Make sure to give a little force in pulling. Doing so will make the stripping less painful than it usually is.

 After our first try at stripping off (ewww!)

Step 5: Wipe the skin with a warm, damp cloth afterwards to remove excess sugaring. Don't drag your skin. Don't be scared if your skin reddens and bumps occur. It's a normal reaction. 

Overall, the stripping experience was pleasant and satisfying. For first timers like me, however, you do not surely expect to get all the hairs out on your first try. I guess it takes the right experience and proper techniques of stripping off. Does it hurt? I will be honest, yes it is. But the pain was tolerable and as they as, "tiis ganda talaga". With more frequent usage, the pain becomes minimal. And people will have different tolerance on pain so it all depends on you as well.

Depending on your own hair growth and the frequency with which you want to have your hair waxed, it may still be more cheaper than going to a waxing salon plus you can do it in the comforts on your own home. A 100 g tub for single use will only cost you Php 130 versus the Php 500 charge of half leg waxing in salons. 

Aside from the waxing kit, Cerana farms was generous enough to also send me a bottle of their 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil. Dubbed as the "liquid gold", this rare oil is extracted from the nuts of the rare Argan tree grown only in Morocco. Centuries ago, the women of the "Berber" tribe have been using this oil for skin treatment like scars, burns and various skin conditions.

I used to apply anti-bacterial creams like Drapolene after waxing. For people with folliculitis-prone skin like me, it really helps to prevent its occurrence. Now I found another alternative to improper use of topical antibiotics. 

Argan oil contains high levels of Vitamin E (3x more than Olive Oil) and Omega 6 and anti-oxidants which are proven to nourish your skin. Aside from its moisturizing effects, this miracle oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to lessen irritation and later, scarring through its natural fatty acids. I've honestly been using Argan Oil on my hair and dry skin for several months now and it really does wonders.

What really sets apart this Argan Oil from other brands is that it's non-greasy liquid. Just a minute after application and it feels as if you haven't put any oil on your skin at all, you will only be left moisturized. It is advised, however, to apply the oil several hours after you wax as your pores still are open.

If you are interested with these products, you can visit Cerana Farms through the following sites:

@ceranafarms on IG and Twitter

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