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First Run for 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

After Kel and I’s silent outrage on the loss of our beloved Condura Skyway Marathon racebibs, we finally gained some confidence and had the chance to run again. This time, not on the Skyway but along EDSA.

The Run for Juan 2013 event last February 24 was entitled Run for Juan, Run for Good Governance. It is the official race of the 27th EDSA People Power Anniversary. The event was organized by the EDSA People Power Commission in partnership with the Association of the Philippine Medical Colleges Student Network-NCR. The host was none other than my dear alma mater, which was spearheaded by hard-working groupmate, Bea Figueroa (Cheers!).

We arrived at exactly 4:20 that morning because Kel was running the 21 km wave. I decided to take a power nap inside the car since I’m running the 5 km wave and my race is yet start at 6 am. To my surprise, when I woke up, the 3 km runner have already started. I was even kidding around with my friend Eian that morning whol told me, “Huwag ka nang matulog. Sige ka baka paggising mo, naglilinis na sila.” Hahaha! Anyway, I still managed to finish a bit early than the others, finishing 98th amongst 148 5 km runners (partida, I had to wait for my friend Nikki pa. Haha!)

So here are a few photos from the event.


Last photo was grabbed from The Running Photographers Facebook page

Right after the event, we had the sumptuous of breakfast at the much talked about Milky & Sunny in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

And the rest was history.

My First Big Blog x Pre-Clerkship Giveaway

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hello lovelies! My third year in medical school is officially over as I finish the last of my 20 exams yesterday morning. In a few days, promotion boards will be out and we're all crossing our fingers and praying that everyone in the batch get promoted to clerkship.

Since I’m claiming this early that I’ll get promoted to Junior Internship this coming March, I’d like to celebrate and share my excitement with you through my very first big blog and pre-clerskship giveaway.

Before everything else, I personally would like to show some love to my parents, my husband Kelmer and friends, who have helped me get through the toughest times of post-graduate studies. I also want to extend my deepest gratitude to all the sponsors who have made this blog giveaway possible. They deserve all the acknowledgment. Thank you, Ms. Rachel of Dandy Nappy, Sir Gerald of Numa Baby, Ms. Pam of ShushKohETC, Ms. Shane of Mustela Philippines, Sir Russell of Casa de Lorenzo, Ms. Rochelle of Unilab and Ms. Dona of DFabShop. Thank you, everyone!

In order to enter the giveaways, please use the Rafflecopter form below. Kindly follow ALL the mandatory steps so you won’t get disqualified. I will be personally checking whether or not you followed the mandatory steps. The names of the winners will be displayed after the giveaway ends and will be notified via twitter. The winners will have 48 hours to respond or else another winner will be drawn. Also, please make sure to leave the necessary information needed for each giveaway so I can contact you.

So let’s start this giveaway with a bang! I hope everyone joins all the giveaways below. I have the best of stuff in store for you. Best of luck, everyone!

Giveaway # 1: Dandy Nappy

We all want the best for our babies-- even if it means additional cut on our budget. I've never used cloth diapers for my son, Nathan, and I quite regret it. I came across a lot of reviews about cloth diapers online several months ago but I never got the chance to use one.

So what are the advantages of using cloth diapers? First of all, it doesn’t have chemicals like disposable diapers so it’s safer to use and there’s little chance your baby catches diaper rash. Second, they’re comfortable for your babies since it is made of soft cotton. Third, the cost analysis studies reveal that it is cost-effective than using disposable diapers, in the long run. And lastly and what’s probably most important for a mom like me, is that it promotes early toilet training.

Dandy Nappy was generous enough to share with one (1) winner a Cloth Diaper Cover with Staydry Insert. The winner can choose between two colors: red (if you have a baby boy) or watermelon (for a baby girl).

  a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Giveaway # 2: Numa Baby

I just realized, I’m a bit of a regretful mother when I was looking for sponsors and came across Numa Baby. Numa (pronounced as 'new-ma') strives to provide moms like me the best baby products without hurting Mother Earth. Their products are all organic hence, eco- and baby-friendly. They have the widest range of brands to choose from and sell just about any baby products every mommy needs—from baby care and feeding to learning materials.

For this giveaway, they are big-heartedly giving away a set of Numa Baby gift pack to two (2) lucky winners worth Php 1250 each. How awesome is that?

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Giveaway # 3: ShushKohETC

I’m a great fan of wedges. Maybe it’s because of my stride—they’re not meant for unstable heels. Haha. For my 3rd giveaway, ShushKohETC will be giving away a pair of Strap Sexy Cork black wedges (size 7) for one (1) lucky reader and Original brown Espadrille (size 6) to another.

ShushKohETC is a proud supplier of Liliw-made footwears—dollshoes, flats, wedges, open-toe bandana, etc. I’ve seen good finds upon browsing their websites and their open-toe sako are probably the cutest. So if you’re a wedge fanatic like me, you better join this giveaway to get a chance on these really fine footwears.

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Giveaway # 4: Mustela Philippines

Mustela is a skin care expert for babies and mothers-to-be. It was founded in 1950 with over 60 years of experience in the baby skin care market. They are consistently no. 1 in European Pharmacies. All their products are tested under pediatric and dermatological control and complies with European Cosmetic Directive, French Code of Public Health, Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines and all the 60 other countries where it is distributed. In addition, it is has been prescribed, tested and used by doctors, medical and healthcare professionals, partner of maternities and hospitals for a while now.

Their products are at least 80% to 98% from natural ingredients (no paraben, phthalate, phenoxyethanol, alcohol nor essential oils. The products are all hypoallergenic and highly tolerant on eyes and skin.

Mustela has four (4) product ranges: (1) Mustale Bebe for normal skin, (2) Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics for sensitive, atopic skin, eczema, and problem skin, (3) Mustela 9 Months for pregnant and breastfeeding moms and (4) Mustela Sun Protection – sunblock for normal or sensitive skin.

I have yet to try their products. But my sister-in-law has been using it for her baby for months now and I have been hearing really good feedbacks.

For my giveaway, Mustela generously pledged one (1) Mustela gift pack to a lucky reader. The gift pack includes cleansing and Soothing Wipes worth 640 plus travel size products of the following: Physiobebe No Rinse cleanser 50ml, Cleansing Milk 50ml, Dermo Cleansing Gel for Hair and body 50ml and Hydrabebe Body Lotion 50ml. I would have loved to win that for myself!


a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Giveaway # 5: Casa de Lorenzo

Casa de Lorenzo aims to recreate the luxuries of our Hispanic past for its consumers to experience the richness and extravagance of bathing with soap. Their products include oils, aromatics and natural liquid soaps.

The natural oils (in virgin coconut, grapeseed, olive and avocado) are best for massage, bathing and cleansing. The aromatics are purely from plants and flowers used in aromatherapy while the natural soaps (castile and old-fashioned) are made in essential oils that tender the skin the way nature intended it to be.

Casa de Lorenzo be giving away two (2) castile soaps (valued at Php 350 each) to two (2) lucky readers of my blog—one in lavender and the other in peppermint (both are my personal choice).

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Giveaway # 6: Unilab

The soon-to-be-doctor in me can’t let this giveaway pass without sharing to my readers a line of all-healthcare products. Unilab is the proud manufacturer of pH Care products, I know everyone is technically aware of it.

I have been using pH care for quite some time now and fresh blossoms and shower splash intimate wash has been my personal favorites. It’s a balance formulated solution designed for everyday use. The product is clinically formulated with pH 5 that matches the normal external genitalia’s pH in addition to ingredients that maintain the skin’s natural moisture (Yes, feeling OB-Gyne. Haha!).

Unilab will be sharing not one but two (2) pH care gift packs to two (2) lucky winners.

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Giveaway # 7: DFabShop

DFab Shop is an online shop which offers bags and accessories every women would delightedly choose from. Their product range includes clutches, chain bags, satchels (my kind of bags!), croco and all-around bags. All these found in a variety of colors to choose from. Aside from that, they also retail Human Heart Nature products and accessories.

There will be two (2) lucky winners of an 11 x 8 in envelope clutch/case (in dark brown and gray).

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Important reminders:
Deadline of entries is on March 16, 2013 at exactly 12 NN. This contest is open to Philippine residents only. I will be personally shipping the prizes for the winners of Dandy Nappy, Casa de Lorenzo, DFab Shop and ShushKohETC (except for Metro Manila residents). For the Mustela Philippines giveaway winner, he/she should be able to pick it up at Robinson’s Ermita, SM Manila or Festival Mall-Alabang. The rest of the shipping will be covered by the respective sponsors.

Please set all your posts to PUBLIC. Otherwise, I won’t be able to see and verify your entry.

Good luck, everyone! =)