Day 12 of My 12 Gifts of Christmas Giveaway: Purple Cow's Attic [Closed]

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
We've finally come down to the last day of my annual thanksgiving giveaway! Doing giveaways really is my thing because I'm also an online contest junkie myself and I also love winning. So knowing that these series of gift giving is about to end makes me feel a bit blue. Char! Hehe. But seriously, I have down moments these days so let's have good vibes instead. Speaking of good vibes, the last installment of my giveaway is about to send you guys a relaxing and calm 2015! 

This is probably what people mean when they say, "Save the best for last." What started as an online store for unique apparel and accessories find became a trusty name in shopping and retail. Purple Cow's Attic is your portal to style notoriety. Aside from it's comparably lower prices, what's even more remarkable with this online seller is the fact that it can be your personal shopper in Hongkong! Yes, it's buying in Hongkong without having to pay for airfare. How awesome is that? If you wanna know more about how it works, you may check out their website at

Meanwhile, you should also check out what gift I shall be giving a lucky reader today. The kind owner of Purple Cow's Attic is sending a haul of relaxing Human Nature oils inside a pretty Human Nature gift box. The box contains one (1) 30 mL bottle of Tea Tree Oil, 10 mL bottle of Lavender Oil and a 10 mL bottle of Orange Oil.

Photo courtesy of Purple Cow's Attic

Deadline of entries is on January 31, 2015, Saturday 11:59 am and open to Philippine residents only. All entries will be checked. Failure to comply with mandatory steps will invalidate your entry. I will announce the name of the winner on my twitter account and through this same post. Failure to respond to the email notification within 48 hours will invalidate the win. 
Prize will be shipped directly to the winner by the shop owner. Best of luck, everyone!

Happy New Year!

P.S. Take note that 'liking' the sponsor's FB fan page is mandatory. Please hit the 'like' button when you visit. Thank you!

and the LUCKY WINNER is..

Helen Gatbonton

Congratulations! Kindly e-mail me your complete shipping details + cellphone number at tinaelainer(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks to everyone who joined! 


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