My Year-Ender Giveaway

Friday, December 27, 2013

In a few days, we will all be celebrating the coming of a new year. My 2013 has been a tiring yet blessed one, yes. I've gained a lot of experience mostly from my internship and family. I've learned the art of time management (or so I hope)-- juggling those moments around being a mom, a wife, a student, a daughter, a sister and a junior intern. I've committed mistakes I never thought I would. I've made, strengthen and unmade friendships. I broke down but learned to stand up for what I believe. But definitely, the most important of all things is, I've loved. I realized that by loving the things you do, you learn to love all the people involved. It's a great opportunity to be surrounded by people where you can grow.

And because my 2013 had been a good if not a better one for me in almost all aspects of my career, I probably cannot let this year pass without having a little giveaway for the people who shared it with me. I am truly blessed to be sponsored by these wonderful companies in such a short notice. We will be giving away great goodies for mommies and their babies as well. There will two (2) winners of loot bags from Zen Zest Asia, Mustela Philippines, The Curly Shoppe plus each will also win one (1) unlimited play wristbands at Fun Ranch Playdium redeemable at Ortigas or Alabang branches, one (1) pair of reversible Wish Baby crib shoes and one (1) gift pack from Drypers Philippines.

Here's to introduce my sponsors:

Zen Zest Asia

I've first tried Zen Zest products back in college. My dorm mate/friend back then, introduced me to Tangerine and I fell in love with the smell. Sadly, I have not been using Zen Zest products for some time now. But it's good to see how the company has evolved into just focusing resources to eau de parfums and cologne to now selling home products. I visited their stall at SM Marikina last week and so happy to see great new products I can buy for our house. Let me share with you some new addition to their products.

 Fragrance diffuser (100 mL valued at Php 600)

Room fragrance (50 mL)

Room deodorizer (250 mL valued at Php 250)

Fun Ranch

Fun Ranch is the only complete children's complex and party place in the country today. It has various activities that cater to the whole family. One thing nice to know about this amusement place is that they do not have an entrance fee. But you have to pay for the rides, of course. 

Fun Ranch is definitely a one-stop-amusement place for kids and kids at heart. Completely equipped with activity centers, food shops, stores and rides and activities they will surely enjoy.

They currently have two (2) branches-- one in Frontera Verde, Ortigas and the other at Westgate Alabang, just behind S&R shopping store. Their unlimited play at both Alabang and Ortigas branches is priced at Php 300 on weekdays and Php 350-390 on weekends.

They also offer party packages for anything you want to celebrate. I can just imagine how they celebrate weddings here-- must be fun. They have prepared buffet packages and personalized ones.

Visit for more info on Fun Ranch.

Wish Baby Crib Shoes

How many mothers could have saved up extra money if they have known these cute, reversible shoes from Wish Baby Crib Shoes? Wish Baby Crib Shoes started online selling through facebook just last July of this year. They retail reversible baby shoes that you can wear in 3 ways.

 Photo grabbed from Wish Baby Crib Shoes Facebook page

These shoes are soft, breathable and really fashionable. Here are my personal picks:

Mustela Philippines

Many of my readers may have known Mustela since ages now. Mustela Philippines is a complete range of skin care products that caters to mothers and their babies that have normal to dry and sensitive skin. One thing I loved about Mustela is that they do not only provide us with products from nature but they also cater to skin care needs of babies and toddlers with skin conditions such as eczema-prone skin, atopic dermatitis even newborns with cradle cap.  

Mustela Philippines have always been generous to my blog for this year 2013 and I probably can't thank Ms. Shane of Mustela for being supportive of my endeavors. 

The Curly Shoppe

You might have been wondering why the name of this online shop? The Curly Shoppe is an online shop for your newborn, toddler, infants and mommy needs which was launched last July of 2013. The shop's name was inspired by the owner's curly daughter, Lulu.

The online store offers a great variety of products-- from must-haves to really cute fashion finds. They sell both local and branded products. For newbie and expecting moms, you might just want to browse on their albums and find something you will perfectly love for your kiddos. 

Drypers Philippines

Most mommies should be picky when it comes to diapers for their babies' sensitive skin. I am definitely one of them. Although I will not be doing a review on Drypers diapers here because I honestly haven't tried the product yet so that would be unfair. But just to give you readers a brief idea.

Dypers baby diapers now come in three (3) different versions: 
1) Drypers Soft baby diapers are specially made for newborn babies.
2) Drypers Wee Wee Dry baby diapers have a 100% breathable cloth-like cover keeping the baby's skin cool and fresh; and 
3) Drypers DRYPantz baby diapers has a Flexi-Fit Design that ensures a snug wear which stretches to follow baby’s every move for enhanced mobility and great comfort. 

If you want to know more about their products, please take time to check their website at especially dedicated for moms, soon-to-be mommies and parents planning to have a baby! There are valuable things that you can find in there. What also nice is that you can get in touch with other members of the community to get some piece of advice about how you can prepare build good relationships with your baby and hubby at the same time and when your having problems with parenting. Plus, they also give Diaper samples for FREE! 

King Sue Ham

Hams are New Year's Eve stars. We cannot seem to celebrate the coming of the year without any type of ham served on our table. We do it either fried or steamed, glazed or non-glazed. But whatever the preparation might be, they are sure great hit at midnight.

King Sue Ham started serving Filipinos since 1930. With a variety of products (hams, chorizos, sausages, cold cuts, etc.) nowadays, we have certainly heard a great deal of reviews from it. And just in time for Chinese New Year a few weeks from now, you might want to be trying their special Chinese Ham for a change, with it's own distinct Orient flavor--definitely fit for a king!

For more product info on King Sue Ham, visit

Onto the giveaway..
In order to enter the giveaway, please use the Rafflecopter form below. Kindly follow ALL the mandatory steps so you won’t get disqualified. I will be personally checking whether or not you followed the mandatory steps. The names of the winners will be displayed after the giveaway ends and will be notified via twitter. The winners will have 48 hours to respond or else another winner will be drawn.  

Here are the prizes at stake:

1) One (1) traveler's gift pack from Mustela Philippines

2) A pair of reversible Wish Baby crib shoes

3) Unlimited play wristbands from Fun Ranch

Photo grabbed from

4) Zen Zest gift pack

5)  Gift pack for babies from The Curly Shoppe (includes a mosquito net, a bib and washcloth)

6) Drypers Wee Wee Dry Gift Pack

7) Gift Pack from King Sue Ham

Hep! That's not all. Two (2) lucky Metro Manila winners will also be receiving one (1) Mustela traveler's gift pack as a consolation prize and a gift pack from King Sue Ham. How great is that? 

Year-End Giveaway 1:  
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Year- End Giveaway 2:
 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Deadline of entries is on February 1, 2014 at exactly 12 NN. This contest is open to Philippine residents only. I will be personally shipping the prizes to the lucky winners. Good luck!

Note: The winners of Fun Ranch unlimited play tags should be able to claim their prize at Fun Ranch's office in Ortigas.


  1. jacq said...:

    Wish: To pass our comprehensive exams and OSCE and to graduate on time.
    Twitter: @jacqpardo

  1. Jelo Manongsong said...:

    to have a job that I will enjoy. :)
    Twitter: @patrickstar88

  1. kehrin morales said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Leilani Gamboa said...:

    more job offers :)
    twitter: @laigamboa8
    thanks for this giveaway! :)

  1. Jea Blancaflor said...:

    I want to take my MA & finish it on time. More happiness & family bonding!
    Jea Blancaflor
    Twitter/IG: @forevahdreamy

  1. I've been praying for us to have a baby next year! Hope that God will blessed us.
    Bernadette Zareno-Balino

  1. aiko borja said...:

    good health for my kiddos :)
    and to finally achieved my dreams.
    IG: aikorn24

  1. Arra Odeza said...:

    i am wishing for God health, blessings and reconciliation with my sister :)
    IG: @acodeza

  1. Iris Castillo said...:

    What is your wish for 2014?

    I'm wishing that I could gain weight this 2014. More blessings to come to my family and friends and be productive.

    Iris Castillo

  1. Laila Mercado said...:

    my wish is may God blessed me to have a baby, i really want to have a baby

    full name:laila hermosa mercado
    twitter name:laila mercado
    acebook profile:

  1. cai presby said...:

    My wish for the coming 2014 is to conquer more obstacles and become a better person than I am now.

    Ruth P. Calsada

  1. leo said...:

    my wish is good health for my family and happiness , more job
    leo rances garcia

  1. purpel said...:

    I wish for good health esp for Papa, our twins and baby Zari.
    henley tabal

  1. All I wish for 2014 is to be able to handle whatever the result of UST's Entrance Test will be. On top of it, I pray to pass.

    Kirsten Allysandra San Juan

  1. Anonymous said...:

    hoping to find a nice stable work at home opportunity by 2014.

    caryn morales
    twitter: @yenmorales

  1. Abby said...:

    What is your wish for 2014? >> My wish for 2014 is to finish our dream house for my parents, new career, & good health for my family and love ones. And more blessings to come to our family.

    full name: ABEGAIL B. LICAYAN
    twitter name : @abby0414
    URL of your facebook profile :

  1. My wish for 2014 is to have good health in our family
    helen gatbonton
    url of your fb account:

  1. Joy Merced said...:

    My wish is for my dream of a business of my own to happen in 2014.

    Lovely Joy Merced

  1. Cha Sembrano said...:

    Wish : For my family and loved ones to be healthy and safe and happy :)

    Cha Sembrano

  1. My wish for 2014 is good health for me and my family.

    Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay

  1. Wish for 2014: I wish that my family will always be safe and that we'll stay happy and blessed.

    Wish for 2014: I wish that my family will always be safe and that we'll stay happy and blessed.

    full name: Monaliza Barte- Villarmino
    twitter name : @vonanee
    url of facebook profile:

  1. Gladita Manongsong said...:

    Good health for my family

    Gladita Manongsong

  1. Good health for my Family
    kristine Pelayo

  1. More blessings & good health for my family.
    Christine Punzal
    Twitter: @iamxtine04

  1. EmCel Fajardo said...:

    Happiness and Career Growth
    Maricel Fajardo
    twitter: @hya_cel08

  1. Marlene Yanga said...:

    My wish is Happiness and Continued Blessings for Me and My Family

    Marlene Yanga
    twitter: @itsmepriceless

  1. may ongsioco said...:

    More blessings & Good health for my family
    May Ongsioco
    twitter: @cutella08

  1. Mich Navarrete said...:

    My wish for 2014 is goodhealth, happiness and more blessings for my family and my love ones. :)
    Michelle Navarrete
    Twitter: @IamMichN

  1. What is your wish for 2014? Good health for my son.
    full name: Christine Tabin
    twitter name: @enitnibat
    facebook profile:

  1. Cliff said...:

    What is your wish for 2014? Good health
    Name: Cliff Tan
    Twitter: @pinoypromo

  1. Cy Valencia said...:

    I wish to have good health this year 2014.
    Cy VAlencia
    twitter: @cyvalcy29

  1. I wish this 2014 a good Health more blessing and to lose weight hahahah
    Chezka Sandoval @chezka_11

  1. Clint Odeza said...:

    Clint Odeza

  1. Nelina Gatong said...:

    Good health and more blessings for all of us.
    Nelina Gatong

  1. To graduate this March.
    Allyzon Mae Sabio

  1. Beth Chay said...:

    What is your wish for 2014? More Blessing to come & also be a Blessings to others.
    full name: Maria Elizabeth P. Andres
    twitter name: @JohnBeth0143

    facebook profile:

  1. Chona Gomba said...:

    What is your wish for 2014? My wish for this year is to have a new job so that I can fully explore my own self, including my skills, talents, intelligence, and to be able to prove to MYSELF that I can live independently :)

    Chona V. Gomba

  1. Find a stable and land a job, focus on what's next. Be productive as always.

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  1. devilsnare said...:

    to travel x learn new language x be a better me ☺

    Nerissa Marin

  1. more blessings to my family,.
    Sheryl An Mungcal

  1. Jay Real said...:

    My wish for 2014 is for every member of the family to have good health throughout the year and beyond. Health is wealth :)

  1. good health for me and my family,,,,
    more blessings to come..........
    Hegel Ignacio-Gayola

  1. xhunter901 said...:

    my wish is good health for the whole family , more blessing and no more calamity

    conrado barrientos
    twitter name ; @conrad183
    fb url ;

  1. Anonymous said...:

    peace on earth and no calamity

    racelyn barrientos

    no twitter

    fb :

  1. my wish for 2014 is for my family to have a good health and long life :)

    joanna marie petalver

  1. Anonymous said...:

    my wish is good health for me
    evelyn barrientos

  1. My wish in 2014 is to win in Lotto.
    Jaime Magno Alejandro

  1. Khaye Castro said...:

    Have a stable job.
    Jamelle Katrina CAstro

  1. Giovanni Taratara said...:

    I think i saw you last june 28, 2013 wife gave birth there in om.
    i wanna join your contest for my wifey.
    My wish for 2014 is good health for my family especially to my baby girl...
    Name: Giovanni Taratara

  1. ERIC ROMERO said...:

    What is your wish for 2014? More Blessing to come, to have a more employment and Peace & Prosperity.
    full name: ERIC M. ROMERO
    twitter name: @xstrike007

  1. nelabratinella said...:

    My wish for the year 2014? It would be good health, more blessings and brighter future for our family.
    Name: Marinela Diaz
    Twitter: @MarinelaSDiaz

  1. Aliz G.M. said...:

    My wish for 2014 is more lucky and more blessings for my family.
    Aliz Maganis
    TW: @aliz2008

  1. my wish for this 2014 is good health for my family,more blessings
    sherry ann gole cruz

  1. Jassy Galacio said...:

    my wish for 2014 would be to graduate on time and good health
    Jastene Angelene Galacio
    twitter: @Jassy_star18

  1. pearl paguio said...:

    Good health for my whole family and God's guidance
    Pearliza Paguio
    Twitter: @pearlbliss30

  1. I wish my son will be graduated his COMENG this 2014 schoolyear!!!
    Antonieta Magaway

  1. Rackell said...:

    Question: What is your wish for 2014?
    Answer: To deliver my 1st baby in normal and safe delivery/
    Full name: Rackell Villareal
    Twitter name: @unique_bride
    URL of your facebook profile.

  1. karina vergara said...:

    Good health for my family
    Karina Vergara - full name
    @karinafvergara - twitter name - facebook url

  1. Let said...:

    My wish this 2014 is that my son will achieve their dreams and good health to my family especially to my husband who's working for us.
    Name: Julieta Ozarraga
    Twitter: @Juliet1824

  1. bhel aguilar said...:

    What is your wish for 2014? My only wish is to have my family good health and be safe always, most especially my parents because they're ain't getting any younger so I wish to spent time with them much longer and give them happiness also my son.

    full name: Belinda N. Aguilar
    twitter name: @bhelvip
    URL of your facebook profile:

  1. My only wish this year is to have it less of problems and troubles, and more of blessings, happiness and LOVE. Not only for my family but for all of our families..:)

    Full name and twitter: April Rose Calinog

  1. More blessings to my family! :)

    Full name: Cherry Ann Punzal
    Twitter: @anncherryp

  1. Jin Kim said...:

    My wish is to go abroad this year to work :0
    Jinky Sagum

  1. My 2014 wish are PEACE in our nation, Healthy life with my family & More Blessings to come.
    Twitter: @itsMAY24

  1. gayle sy said...:

    My wish for 2014 is food health & happiness for my family!
    Abigail Sy
    Twutter: @abbysy11

  1. I wish this 2014 a healthy life. My daughter and husband is away from sickness and be happier and stronger.

    Irishielle Guevara

  1. I wish for more health & guidance from God...
    full name : Clarinda Santiago
    twitter name : @kleyrr_s
    URL of your facebook profile :

  1. Shandie Valdez said...:

    wish ko? sana tawagan na kami ng air asia para mkapagpagawa na kami ng passport. hehe chos
    my really wish ay sana maging masaya at walang matinding problema ngayong 2014

    Shandie Valdez
    shandiebells Ü / @SHANDIEcheeks

  1. Good health and Long life for me and my family. More blessings and tighter bond with each other.

    Aegeane Mikka Brioso

  1. Jam Tan said...:

    My 2014 wishes are GOOD HEALTH, LONGER & HAPPIER LIFE & more BLESSINGS for me & my family. Moreover, STRONGER & HEALTHIER RELATIONSHIP between me & my husband and for us to RAISE our son WELL are some of the most important wishes that I am hoping for. Last but not the least, is for me to have a rewarding career before the year ends. =)

    NOTE: I don't have a TWITTER ACCOUNT. =(

  1. My wish for 2014 is a healthy baby! Either boy or gil. My husband and I've been praying to Lord to grant our prayer to have a baby. We're hoping that this year will be it. :)

    Full Name: Liza Marie Valenzuela
    Twitte Name: @lizamarie_0112
    URL of Facebook:

  1. Lennie Mungcal said...:

    more blessings & good health for my family,.
    Lennie Mungcal
    TW: @lhen_tari

  1. rhose_luv said...:

    Good Health for My Family, Have Stable Job and More Blessings to Come!
    Marine Rose Decena

  1. Istin said...:

    More blessings and good health for my loved ones. Also, I hope to be able to save money and win a gadget thru giveaways and promos this 2014.

    Maria Christina Gumatay

  1. jem Jala said...:

    Good Health always and More Blessing to come!

    Jesilo Jala

  1. kehrin morales said...:

    i'd like to travel and go to different places i haven't been to.

    yen morales
    twitter: @kehrinmorales

  1. Good heath to my Fmily and success in my Business
    Kristine Pelayo

  1. marilou luzon said...:


  1. Jenny Esplana said...:

    What is your wish for 2014?
    My wish for 2014 is a good heath for my family, a guidance and blessings from God and Peaceful living to everyone <3
    Jenny Esplana
    Twitter Name: Jenny Esplana/@jesplana009

  1. To have a good health for my family, peace and have a good start in our business.

    Leizle Demaisip

  1. I want to travel abroad this year and I wanted to be a blessing to someone's life.

  1. yna Bronozo said...:

    Wish for 2014: a healthy and happy 2014 to me and my family. More blessings to come!

    Marie Katrina Bronozo

  1. arra said...:

    My wish for 2014 was sana palagi kaming healthy at happy ng family ko lalo na ang baby girl ko:):)

    Arra Morta

  1. Mechelle said...:

    I wish to finish my MBA this year, save a hundred thousand bucks, buy a car and invest in stocks ;-)

  1. lynee ayuban said...:

    Wish ko for 2014 ay, always have good health and safety me and my husband also to my family, and also an angel na kkompleto sa buhay naming mg-asawa.. in God grace...
    Lynee Ayuban

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Neil Nonato

    Wishing to have more luck in winning contect and promotions

  1. Suzette said...:

    Wishing to have a safe delivery for my first baby this 2014

    Suzette Villacorta

  1. Anonymous said...:

    wish for health and safety of my family
    abigail ong

  1. Sheryl Baligasa said...:

    Sheryl Baligasa

    Wish to own a new iPhone this 2014 and of course, Good Health

  1. Fitness, good health and abundance for everyone!

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros
    Tw: @TereCruzEscaros

  1. Clita Tinguha Nonato said...:

    I wish good health for me and my family and more blessings to come for us.

    Clita Nonato

  1. I'm wishing for my Mother's fast recovery and Good Health for our family.

    Sarah Villacorta

  1. My wish for 2014 is to be financially stable so that we can start building our own humble house and save funds for our children's future.But most importantly I'm looking forward for a healthier year ahead for everyone especially for my family,relatives, friends and loved ones.

    Kristine Cauneran
    Twitter :@syjpc111409

  1. joy rebleza said...:

    My wish is that all the wishes of everyone come true and may we all be blessed always and forever ^^

    Melanie Joyce Rebleza

  1. Bambi said...:

    I just want to wish no more negatives vibes for me and want to be happy as always.
    Genelynn Gundaya

  1. carlo lualhati said...:

    good health and quality time with family. more blessings and exciting adventure!
    Carlo C. Lualhati

  1. Afterden said...:

    Good Health for me and my family.More blessings to come and become a successful person so that anyone can turn me down and underestimate me because I felt so bad and cry me a river .Good Luck and God Bless Us!

    Name: Geraldine Delfin
    Twitter: @afterdhen

  1. Anonymous said...:

    my wish this 2014 is to have a fruitful and wonderful life.

    name: grace deocampo
    twitter: @bhemz04

  1. Jek Thieriot said...:

    to graduate in college so i can find a decent job for my son(single-teen mom here)
    name: jessica miranda
    twitter: jekain miranda
    fb: jek thieriot

  1. JenBriones said...:

    To be a blessing to others specially to my husband and son and to my family and all that surround me..
    name: Jennyvieve Briones Tecson
    twitter: Jen91988

    God Bless :)

  1. My wish this year 2014 god gave us a healthy family,Happiness,Success in our career not just me but for my whole family,Positive attitude :)
    Stephanie Bulangis

  1. Marine Therese said...:

    My wish is to have a stable career & to spend Quality time with my family. Happiness, Peace & love,love,love.

    Marine Therese Decena

  1. Jolly Blue said...:

    My wish for 2014 is to be more productive in terms of work and business. And of course good healthy for my family, friends and loved ones and Love for all the people.

    Gerlie Distor @pray_the_rosary

  1. Tech Vhinz said...:

    my wish for 2014 is happiness and good health for myself and all of my love ones.. wish to have own house and savings for my family future.. In God's will..

    Alvin Imperial
    twitter; @tech_vhinz

  1. kehrin morales said...:

    my wish for 2014 is to be able to save up enough money to start up a small business

    yen morales
    twitter: @kehrinmorales

  1. Joel cunanan said...:

    more blessings to come & good health especially for my fanily,.

    Joel Cunanan
    TW: @josherhainne

  1. Khrishia Ronquillo-Sedenio said...:

    My wish for 2014 is to be able to land a job that will help me save enough for my son's schooling.
    Khrishia Ronquillo-Sedenio
    Twitter: @viaKhrish

  1. My wish for 2014: to have a healthy body with peace of mind...
    Mary Louise Sanchez

  1. arjayssa reyes said...:

    I hope I can find the coolest job and save a lot of money this year. :)
    Arjayssa reyes

  1. My wish is to have a blessed year,happiness and good health!
    jenelyn cristobal

  1. Mariz Domingo said...:

    My wish for 2014 is to win my battle against salt. :)

    Full name: Marizza Domingo
    Twitter name: @BLUJAYfromMars
    URL of your Facebook profile:

  1. diane said...:

    wishing for good health for me & for my whole family!
    Diana Beatima

  1. Ronita Dela Rosa said...:

    My wish for 2014 is to stand on my own and learn to be an independent.
    Ronita Dela Rosa
    Twitter: @HonhiekoMack

  1. Anonymous said...:

    my wish for 2014 is to have wealthy life and good health :)
    grace deocampo
    Twitter: @bhemz04

  1. Joyce Gabriel said...:

    To gain weight and have more time on weekends with family and friends.
    Joyce Gabriel

  1. I wish I could meet my quota. sales in our company
    Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg

  1. My wish this 2014 is for me to pass the PNLE this coming May.
    Carmina Aguilar
    Twitter: @hanim10

  1. Wish ko sa 2014? Physically healthy sa akin at sa mga anak ko, pati na rin sa buong pamilya ko.

    full name: Ricalyn Abrahan
    Twitter Name: @RicaAbrahan
    FB URL:

  1. Wish ko this 2014 ay sana mas gumanda pa ang takbo ng family life (just married 2012) continue ang stable na work work and good health sa 2 kids ko :)

    Name: Angelie Flores-Sarmiento
    Email Ad:
    Twitter name: @tchr_angie
    Facebook URL:

  1. Emiliana Sison said...:

    I wish a disaster-free Philippines for 2014 and financial independence for my family.

    full name: emiliana sison
    twitter name: @millette05
    URL of facebook profile:

  1. What is your wish for 2014? I wish that God will give me more strength so that I can be a better mom to my children and a good wife to my husband. I just so love 'em! I wish all the bestest for my family!
    Full name: Grace Nelly Milambilin-Reyes
    Twitter name: @brewlovesbogsh
    FB URL:

  1. Liberty Floro said...:

    Wish ko this 2014 financially stable and Good health for my family
    full name, Liberty Floro
    twitter name @FloroLuth
    URL of your facebook profile.

  1. kurt rodriguez said...:

    I wish this 2014 my mother will fully recover from a heart attack
    full name: kurt timothy p. rodriguez
    twitter: KURT_NGINAMO
    URL of FB:

  1. mitchyweech said...:

    Michelle Lalic
    All I wish for 2014 is good health for my family specially my babies and more blessings to come.

  1. My only wish for 2014 is or my family to be always safe and healthy, all the time. May God continue to keep my daughter and nephew safe and may He guide them always.

    Full Name: May Jean Aguilar
    Twitter Name: @puxaho
    URL of Facebook profile:

  1. Mizpa Herbuela said...:

    My wish this 2014 is to be more closer to God.
    Name: Mizpa Herbuela
    Twitter: @miz_cky
    URL of FB:

  1. My wish for 2014 is to stop and not continue on what happen to me now. :'(

    Vanessa Rose Palacio

  1. Brendz said...:

    I wish for a stress free year this 2014.

    Brenda V. Leus
    Twiiter account: @thegrumpymommy1

  1. Joyce Gabriel said...:

    I wish that 2014 is a year that of us will change for better and strive in making a difference to happen.

    Joyce Gabriel
    TW - @gabiejz8

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