2 is Better Than 1 Summer Giveaway (Part 1): Be Summer Ready!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Here’s to an envious me this 2013 ‘cause I’m gonna be stuck with Pediatrics for the rest of summer. I’ll be saying goodbye for a while from buying swimsuits and sunblocks and ‘google-ing’ summer whereabouts. Guess, the hopeful me, will just have to wait for an awesome escapade next year that Kel is planning for me.

The better news right now is, *drumroll please.. I am holding yet another giveaway! Yehey! Thanks to my generous med school friends, Marj and Dexter of SoRandomOnlineShop for sponsoring some of these wonderful items! You might also be wondering why the title of this blog post. It’s because I’m holding not 1 but 2 summer giveaways this month! How awesome is that?

So let’s now move on to the prizes. For the 1st part of my summer giveaway, I know you ladies like me would want to look fabulous when you hit the beach this summer so I’ll be giving away the following to one (1) lucky winner:

              an iPhone 4/4s case (courtesy of Dexter)
2 pairs of fancy earrings (courtesy of Marj)
an Aldo bangle 
a glitter eyeliner and shimmer pot set

To join this giveaway, just follow the steps through Rafflecopter below. Don’t fret because the rules are easy-peasy. I’ll be giving additional entry to those who will be following SoRandomOnlineShop on Instagram.

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

The winner will be announced on this blog and my twitter account so make sure to follow me during the whole duration of the contest. Please be also reminded that I will personally verify the winning entry just to be fair to all who joined. Prizes will be shipped to the winner.

Best of luck, everyone! Spread the word. =)


  1. Name:sherry ann gole cruz
    Email address:khryza1022@yahoo.com
    Twitter :@annkharize

    i would definitely boracay as my summer destination,really want to experience the white sands and the breeze of summer beach!

  1. Name: Liza Marie Valenzuela
    Email Address: ms.isang12@yahoo.com.ph
    Twitter: @lizamarie_0112

    What is your summer destination this 2013? - I want to go to CamSur!

  1. Name: Jill said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Rica said...:

    Rica Sicad
    my summer destination: albay, batangas and baguio

  1. Erica Baylosis said...:

    Name: Erica Baylosis
    Email: ericabaylosis@rocketmail.com
    Twitter: @EricaBaylosis
    my summer destination is cebu , and bicol

  1. jawsmayobanico said...:

    Name: Jawaher Banico
    Email address: jawsmayobanico@gmail.com
    Twitter: @jawsbanico
    What is your summer destination this 2013?: Hundred Islands in Pangasinan!

  1. mary reana said...:

    mary reana
    San Juan, Batangas

  1. Richelle Manuel
    Bataan :)

  1. Name:Ma.Karla Shane Orinoco
    Email address: makarsha1213@gmail.com
    Twitter :@karence1317

    Boracay :)

  1. Name: Jerlyn Regañon Dahonan
    Email address: spbslaine@yahoo.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/K3Umismo

    Plantation Bay Resort and Spa (Cebu) :)

  1. careninay said...:

    Karen B. Lutao

    anywhere as long as there's a resort/beach. :3

  1. Vanessa Rose Palacio

    My summer destination this 2013 is any beach! <3

  1. Aine G. said...:

    Name: MelaineGarcia
    Email: aineblogs(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @ainyxi

    Panglao, Bohol! :)

  1. Cecille Capatan

    Boracay with my Fammily!

  1. NAME: Maricar Canillas-Saladino
    EMAIL ADD: icarxcx_cbm@yahoo.com
    TWITTER: @icarxcx
    SUMMER 2013: BAGUIO w/ family =)

  1. abigail tabuzo said...:

    NAME: Abigail Tabuzo
    EMAIL ADD: beebee.gail@yahoo.com
    TWITTER: @abigailtabuzo

    I'll spend my summer in Catanduanes, the best eco-adventure paradise perfect for summer vacay!

  1. Stephanie Lee said...:

    Stephanie Lee

    What is your summer destination this 2013?

    - Any beach the important is i'm enjoying the summer w/ my love ones.

  1. Joselma Rom Gumapac

    My summer destination is Matabungkay beach with my family and friends!

  1. Name: Patricia Karla Parguian
    Email: trishparguian@gmail.com
    Twitter: @Ishwinsagain

    That would be at Anawangin! :)

  1. Kimberly Tiu said...:

    Kimberly Camille Tiu

    Twitter: kimtiu37


  1. Elie Udasco said...:

    Name: Emilie P. Udasco
    Email address: eliecious@rocketmail
    Twitter: @Eliecious
    My summer destination this 2013 is at Ilocos! :)

  1. Aysen Achurra Asuero
    my summer destination this 2013 is Boracaaaaay baby! :)

  1. Melanie Garciano
    my summer destination this 2013 is baguio

  1. Ruth Orinoco said...:

    Ruth Orinoco

    Boracay :)

  1. macky said...:

    macky regina maranan

    puerto galera

  1. Marine Therese said...:

    Name: Therese Decena
    Twitter name:@cothciepie
    Boracay, :)

  1. gayle sy said...:

    Abigail Sy
    My summer destination is Boracay!

  1. Jocel Santos said...:

    Name,jocel santos
    Email address; santosjocelm@yahoo.com
    Twitter handle;@jhayzel_28

    i want to go the beautiful city of cebu. .

  1. Joy Merced said...:

    Lovely Joy Merced

    Tagaytay is my summer destination this 2013

  1. Marlene Yanga said...:

    Marlene R. Yanga

    Palawan is my summer destination this 2013

  1. Ohms Emocling said...:

    Ohms Emocling

    We have La Union for our Summer 20131:)

  1. Dovi Amor Sabong

    Anawangin! :)

  1. Julie-Ann Sta. Ines julie15ann22@gmail.com

    Summer destination: Cebu

  1. Gie Cruz said...:

    Gie Cruz
    Summer Destination: Siargao Island

  1. Name : Jennifer Cristobal
    Email address : jenny_cutelee@yahoo.com
    Twitter : @ohohjhen
    What is your summer destination this 2013? Puerto Prinsesa ;)

  1. Ann Cajis said...:

    Name: Chris-Ann Cajis
    email: cajis.ann8@gmail.com
    twitter: @aaannniiieee8

    What is my summer destination this 2013? Ilocos Norte and Hongkong :) ❤ ♡

  1. Leah Jane said...:

    Leah Jane Mendoza

    Summer Destination: Boracay & Palawan (Hopeful) :)

  1. Name: Ann Geleen Felix
    Email address: geleenfelix@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @geleen001
    What is your summer destination this 2013? Laguna or Batangas ^.^

  1. dre' said...:

    name: audrey albaniel
    email add.: dulei_13@yahoo.com
    twitter; @duleimifasolati
    summer destination: Puerto Princesa :)

  1. Hannah Prado said...:

    Name: Hannah Prado
    Email address: hannahprado_117@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @iamHannahPrado

    Q: What is your summer destination this 2013?
    A: Subic/ Vigan :)

  1. Annie Egalin said...:

    Annie B. Egalin

    My summer destination this 2013 is on Guimaras Island.

  1. kaycee escober said...:

    Kaye Escober
    Bohol and Leyte :)♥

  1. abigail tabuzo said...:

    Abigail Tabuzo
    What is your summer destination this 2013? Catanduanes! The island paradise. ^_^

  1. Tannis said...:

    Tannis W
    tannis_z at excite dot com
    Hopefully a beach or a campground. But no real plans yet. :(

  1. itsmefati said...:

    Fati Recede
    Laiya, Batangas♥

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