The Calm Before the Storm

Sunday, March 31, 2013
My friends would know exactly why I don't like Pediatrics that much. For 2 consecutive years, I've considered it as one of my all-time waterloos-- next to Histology. Why did I say so? Pedia is in itself a deviant. While you think you've memorized all the normal anthropometrics and laboratory values, Pedia has their own set of 'normals'. And mind you, the normal values are in their own set of ranges-- 0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, so on and so forth until age 19 plus the growth charts. Hilarious! And ironic, since all these should be interesting for a mom like me.

Then here comes the first day of rotation. First rotation is, drum roll please.. 


I admit I'd got a little envious with my classmates who will be rotating first in the Minors or in Family Medicine. They're probably enjoying their first like it's still summer vacation (but don't misinterpret, I'm not saying their work's that easy-peasy). I also got scared that I'm too scared. You know what happens when one's too agitated, they do more wrong.

There were ups and downs, they won't probably go away any sooner. But my first 3 weeks in Pediatrics is subtly harder than I expected. I just finished ward work last week where I first learned how to insert an IV cannula, extract blood samples from babies' blood vessels (without success), witness lumbar taps, do clerical work and care for patients. It's where I first experienced 'soupy' moments of almost no sleep and being grateful for the gift of being able to take pauses for peeing, taking a bath and eating.

OPD is a little 'benign' to me. But I love the fact that we get to see concerned parents coming back for follow-up consults as per doctor's order. I also like practicing prescription skills and advising patients. Being in the nursery/NICU is a little bit more fun to me except for the unbearable heat inside the unit. We get to catch babies, confirm their age of gestation through Ballard scoring and practice IV insertion (without supervision, haha!). My next stop: ER!

Fate must be joking when it put me in the Dept. of Pediatrics for my first clerkship rotation. But at least I'm a little prepared now for what to expect during my next rotation in OB-GYN with our little connection with them in the NICU. Will share about it soon. For now, I'd say I'm enjoying Pedia like there's no OB tomorrow. HAHA! =D


  1. It's good that you experience something like that, that's amazing! I can't imagine myself extracting blood from babies. You're brave. By the way. I'm happy to be your new follower.:)

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