On my last Clinico-Pathologic Conference

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Every year, the PLM College of Medicine holds its Clinico-Pathophysiologic Conference for the medical students to exercise their clinical judgment at arriving at a diagnosis. Each year, we are given a case (a factual case, for that matter) and we are divided into small groups whom we will work with. This year, I am happy to have worked and spent time with new, hard-working colleagues.

The preparation is usually a fun-filled and sleepless night of harassing our laptops, the web and e-books to elucidate the sequence of events leading to the patient’s disease/condition or sometimes, demise and hopefully, arriving at a correct diagnosis. It happens only once during our freshman and sophomore years.

But that is not the case for 3rd year students. We do it all-year-round in Surgical Pathology. There are no lectures, just cases to present. And this year, our group is one of those last to carry out the task of presenting for the last grand CPC. And it scares me like the Hunger Games.

After the long days of research and a long night of preparation, the activity culminates in each group’s 10-minute presentation followed by another 10 minutes of constructive criticisms and questioning from the consultants. The groups step down the stage and patiently waits for the actual case autopsy report and the final diagnosis.

Here are some photos of the event which took place last February 9, 2013 and also some from our group's kulitan blues. :)

People would probably won't understand my outmost passion on doing CPC cases. It is one of those things I enjoyed doing. I do admit I am a competitive person, but CPC is not about competing with the other presentors. It’s about competing with yourself. A cliché but it is. It is a skill every doctor should learn and a habit to practice. It should not be just instincts that we rely on. Rather, it should be continuous search for information. Because every patient is unique and not every disease or condition presents in the same way.

To this year's final grand CPC presentors, job well done guys! Congratulations! =)

Credits: Eian Christian Sy, Tine Caberte and Diandra Rona


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