Finally, an MD!

Saturday, May 17, 2014
As I've told you guys once before and although this post has long been overdue, I cannot let 2014 pass without acknowledging a lot of people who have been there throughout my difficult road to having that 2 letters fixed after my name. Like in any other race, I feel like a celebrity being cheered and dragged towards the finish line by the best training coaches in my life.

my OOTD during the Hooding Ceremony
MUA: Daphne Valmonte
Hair: Amber of American Touch Salon

I am probably the most sheltered eldest child in the world and it's all because of the unwavering support and unconditional love of my parents. To Mama and Papa, thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me-- from washing and ironing my clothes and cooking my meals, up to this time, to watching over my little Nathan as if he was your own. The comforts of our home have never been such a relief since I went to med school. I promise that I owe you back the service you have given me for the past 26 years of my life.

With Mama, Papa and Nathan at our Hooding Ceremonies

With Mama at PICC

 Post-hooding ceremony lunch at Mann Hann MOA

Post-graduation day dinner at Buffet 101

To my siblings, I feel like the youngest of us 4 because of your love. Thank you for becoming Nathan's 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on parents and for raising your nephew as if he was our 5th sibling. Special mention to my sister, Ella, who has tried her best to spoil me with everything I ask of her even if her meager salary is just enough for her own family. 

To my husband, Kelmer, having a wife in med school must be a tough one for you and only you and I know how difficult it has been. It came to several points where we almost throw in the towel and screwed up as a parent but our love-hate relationship toughed it all out. Thank you for providing for my needs and sometimes my 'luho', for driving me to and fetching me from school even during your most tiring hours, for being that great listener and shock absorber and simply for loving me truthfully. 

 With the love of my life <3

 Taken at PICC

My extended family present during my hooding ceremony

To my little angel, Nathan, your presence is probably one of the sweetest energy bar that kept me going. I could still remember all those nights I've cried not being able to sleep and be with you at night and how I felt terribly sorry that you had to suffer. I hope that one day, when you're able to read this, you could be proud of me. 

My little kiddo

To my best of friends in med school, Ceri, Juria and Ivy, I will always feel blessed to have met and known you, guys. Thank you for all the talks, shifting and finals reviews, 'gala', meals and chismis we've shared. Thank you for making me feel that I could still fit in a group and for listening even to my not-for-your-age stories. Hahaha!

With Ceri Kristine Talan, co-iska; taken at the Hooding Ceremony

With Juria Lilia Tanchuling during Graduation Day

With my girls

To I-D and II-D, I can still remember every funny scenario whenever a professor would ask, "Sino dito may asawa na? or may anak na?" and none of you would answer. Hahaha! I wanted to tell you all sometimes, "Okay lang naman sakin if you disclose." You guys would never know how much it means to me to be accepted and be respected of my privacy and for that I had the highest respect of you. Thank you sa pagtitiis niyo sa pagyaya ko sa Brooklyn's, don't worry sarado na siya (*sniff). To my forever groupmates (Diane, Diandra, Sheen, Claud and David), thank you for the inputs and unavoidable stresses. We made a great team for the past 2 years. You guys enjoy internship, see you all soon!

 II-D incomplete (photo grabbed from Claudine Ramos)

I-D taken during the Graduation Day

With I-D girls + Christian and Joseph (photo grabbed from Monique Salud)

My forever groupmates with our epic saan-dapat-tumingin-photo (grabbed from Aivee Sison)

To my Clerkship group C, the past 365 days had been bearable because of all of you. We made bonds through fitting ourselves in the narrowest of the rooms, harshness of the system and the littlest of bloopers. Pag sobrang pagod nalang, I'm happy that we could just spontaneously pig out to relieve the stress. I know that some of us might have been leaving somewhere along the road but it doesn't matter what road we take or when we do  but how we gracefully finish the race.

With my clingy groupmate, Jeriz Anne Natividad (Hahaha!)

To the mentors (professors, residents and consultants) who have shared their knowledge, skills and precious time with us, thank you! I feel like a child humbly raised by parents wanting her to be the best physician she could become. Thank you for inspiring us to become our best self and give our best shot (daming best, sorry)-- special mention to Doc Onofre O' Connor, Doc Victoria Catapang, Doc Marion Patricio and Doc Karla Trinidad. And simply for making our loads lighter with your care and little acts of kindness -- Doc Ina Montesines, Doc Anju Amado, Doc Sheena Feliciano, Doc John Canlas, Doc Ian Mendoza, Doc JJ Patricio, Doc Ina Sombrero and Doc Rhona Recto. At sa favorite resident ko na hindi niya alam, Doc Jo-an Aguedan. Hahaha! 

 With Dr. Collao, inspiring FCM professor since freshmen days

Batch 2014's top ten (photo grabbed from Dineth Gutierrez)

Lastly, to my GREATEST COACH who is up there watching over me, I couldn't be grateful enough for this wonderful journey you have led me into. My life surely had been crazy without your guidance. Thank you for sustaining me with all the energy I could ever need while jumbling myself into being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a student all at the same time. 

Graduation day get-up
Hair and MUA: Amber of American Touch Salon

“We should be astonished at the goodness of God, stunned that He should bother to call us by name, our mouths wide open at His love, bewildered that at this very moment we are standing on holy ground." - Brennan Manning


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yey! congrats tin! im so proud of you -hil

  1. MITCH said...:

    Congrats! You looked pretty on the graduation day!


  1. I know its kinda late but I want to congratulate you finally an MD. I admire a woman like you who have a family to take care of and still have time for herself to fulfill her dream. Job well done and continue to be an inspiration to all the mothers out there like me.

  1. vanslim said...:

    Congrats on getting your doctorate degree..Your serious efforts have paid off & you deserve every bit of it. God Bless!

  1. Theola said...:

    Boards and oath-taking naman next year!

  1. Congratulations Dra. Tina! Good job! Fighting! <3

  1. Jessamer Abing said...:

    Congrats! :) God bless you

  1. congratulations Dra. keep it up

  1. Mona Verdida said...:

    Congratulations on your graduation! Wow, so since you're an MD now, are you going to practice medicine na anytime soon? :) Congrats again and I hope you'll have more blessings to come now that you're a doctor. You'll be able to help many people.

  1. Feel so humbled with all your congratulatory messages. Thanks, everyone! :)

  1. Hi Mona! I'm on my post-graduate internship at UP-PGH right now. Another year of internship is a prerequisite before we take the board exams next year August. Thanks for your lovely messages. I wish the same, too. Regards.

  1. henley said...:

    Congrats and goodluck to the coming board exam. Hope to see a DR in your name soon! :)

  1. Judith Albius said...:

    Congratulation! More blessing to come!

  1. miss cesa said...:

    Congrats! :D next is DR! :D

  1. Eddielli said...:

    Congratz! Hopefully you will be able to pass the Medicine Board exam!

  1. Thanks for all the congratulatory messages, everyone! :)

  1. congrats,you make me inspire to study again even if im a mom already!

  1. Jo-an San Jose said...:

    Congratulation po, nakakapag inspire po kayo sa iba to continue their studies even if they already have a family or kids. Congrats again and sana maging successful ang career.

  1. congratulations on your graduation!!!! yehey

  1. lynee ayuban said...:

    Congratulation's po..

  1. mary soriano said...:

    I hope someday I'll be successful like you :) You are such an inspiration :)

  1. Camille Rivera said...:

    Hope it's not too late to congratulate you! :) hope i can also be a doctor like u someday! :) Godbless

  1. wow... Congratulation's.. it made your parents so proud of you.. goodluck to your career.. God bless...

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