First Run for 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

After Kel and I’s silent outrage on the loss of our beloved Condura Skyway Marathon racebibs, we finally gained some confidence and had the chance to run again. This time, not on the Skyway but along EDSA.

The Run for Juan 2013 event last February 24 was entitled Run for Juan, Run for Good Governance. It is the official race of the 27th EDSA People Power Anniversary. The event was organized by the EDSA People Power Commission in partnership with the Association of the Philippine Medical Colleges Student Network-NCR. The host was none other than my dear alma mater, which was spearheaded by hard-working groupmate, Bea Figueroa (Cheers!).

We arrived at exactly 4:20 that morning because Kel was running the 21 km wave. I decided to take a power nap inside the car since I’m running the 5 km wave and my race is yet start at 6 am. To my surprise, when I woke up, the 3 km runner have already started. I was even kidding around with my friend Eian that morning whol told me, “Huwag ka nang matulog. Sige ka baka paggising mo, naglilinis na sila.” Hahaha! Anyway, I still managed to finish a bit early than the others, finishing 98th amongst 148 5 km runners (partida, I had to wait for my friend Nikki pa. Haha!)

So here are a few photos from the event.


Last photo was grabbed from The Running Photographers Facebook page

Right after the event, we had the sumptuous of breakfast at the much talked about Milky & Sunny in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

And the rest was history.


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