Uratex Ready-Wrap Containers: Your Storage Solution

Saturday, January 10, 2015
The holidays may have been over but it's definitely never late to re-do your kitchen. Since it's the start of another year, why not also begin with meticulously organizing and sorting things out properly.

Since time immemorial, Uratex have been a brand we couldn't care less about. They had been a known manufacturer of quality foam and plastic products in the country. We have probably been using using Uratex foams even before I had my first memory of childhood. It had been our trusty companion in bed making our sleep truly comfortable or make extra seats during parties at home. I'm happy to have discovered something new with this brand-- say hello to their Ready-Wrap containers!

As someone who lives most of her week in an apartment where cooking-- except microwave and oven toaster use, is not allowed, ready-wrap containers are truly a must-have. Such reusable containers allow me to store food for the rest of the week and re-heat them when I need. I have been using different brands ever since but it's only until last month that I've been introduced to Uratex's very own plastic containers-- a prize I've won from one of the online contests I've joined. 

Uratex's Ready-Wrap Containers are food grade, durable, reusable plastic containers. They are made from 100% Virgin Resin and are CFC-free making them environment-friendly. The containers available in different shapes and sizes and comes in a variety of colors. The Holiday Special collection is Uratex's new addition to their line of plastic containers.

 R1600 Readywrap Containers in Jingle Shine Colors

 B18 Readywrap Containers in Classic Noel Colors

These plastic containers are ideal for freezing, refrigerating and re-heating cooked food. The bigger rectangular ones are ideal for storing not only dry goods, fresh produce and raw materials but also good for keeping non-food items like your sewing kit or your kid's drawing materials. What's also nice is that they are available with sticker labels so stacking is even more convenient.

Even if the holidays are over, it's never too late to start keeping your home organized. Uratex Ready-Wrap containers are available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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Happy stacking!


  1. iba talaga kapag uratex,matibay

  1. These are must-haves in the house. My mom likes to cook in bulk and store in the fridge and reheat when needed. She always buy containers but they all crack when used twice or thrice nothing more. These are worth giving a try and I like the color and the labels.

  1. Crissy Mojica said...:

    Hi Ms. Tine! Thank you for this feature! Kudos!- Readywrap Team

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