Day 1 of My 12 Gifts of Christmas Giveaway: Goods.PH [Closed]

Friday, December 19, 2014
The Christmas season had always been special to me and it's getting close to that time of the year again. Yeyyy! 

From time to time, I lose myself in the hustle and bustle of hospital work, completely forgetting to do my favorite thing-- blogging. Yes, that's how busy the past rotations have been. I've also been on a giveaway hiatus for a few months now and what better way to celebrate my blogging comeback and this festive season than to share blessings to my dear readers for hanging in there. Hehe. 

Each day from now until the end of the month, I will be giving away prizes from different sponsors. Yes, you heard it right-- 12 generous sponsors will be giving awesome presents for you guys. 

For my 1st day of Christmas giveaway, MCiTA partnered with Goods.PH in granting your wish. Goods.PH is an online shopping store that offers a secure and easy online internet shopping convenience in the country with its highly advanced and safe systems on hand. 

We're giving away one (1) Php 1500 eGC which the lucky winner could use to purchase any product of their choice on their online shopping site. 

How to win? Just join through the Rafflecopter app below! 

Deadline of entries is on January 20, 2015, Tuesday 11:59 am and open to Philippine residents only. All entries will be checked. Failure to comply with mandatory steps will invalidate your entry. I will announce the name of the winner on my twitter account and through this same post. Failure to respond to the email notification within 48 hours will invalidate the win.

The winner will be contacted directly by Goods.PH. Best of luck, everyone!

Spread the holiday cheer!

P.S. Take note that 'liking' the sponsor's FB fan page is mandatory. Please hit the 'like' button when you visit. Thank you!

and the LUCKY WINNER is..

Diana Beatima
Congratulations! Kindly e-mail me your complete shipping details + cellphone number at tinaelainer(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks to everyone who joined!


  1. Joined:

    Name: Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg
    Twitter: @Macaraeg_JimMA
    IG: @macaraeg_jimma

  1. EmCel Fajardo said...:

    Name: Maricel Fajardo
    Twitter: @Hya_cel08
    IG: @Hya_cel08

  1. Mona Verdida said...:

    I joined! ^_^
    Name: Mona Liza Verdida
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  1. Astra C. Alegre said...:

    Astra C. Alegre
    Twitter: glemmegei
    IG: glemmegei

  1. Shandie Valdez said...:

    Shandie Valdez
    IG: @shndchks

  1. mary soriano said...:

    Full name: Mary Jane P. Soriano
    Twitter name: @Lejanedary
    Instagram username: @ohhhhmj

  1. mhoie1325 said...:

    Ma. Elinor Semira

  1. Arlene Soriano said...:

    Done hope to win
    Full name: Arlene Soriano
    Twitter name: arlenegian
    Instagram username: gregiarlene

  1. devilsnare said...:

    Nerissa Marin
    IG: @sukiiyak1
    Twitter: @sUkiyak1

  1. Ann Cagalingan said...:

    Ann Cagalingan
    Twitter: @dimepiecebaybii
    Instagram: dimepiecebaybii

  1. Name: Lorraine Einraz C. Cabantac
    Twitter: @einrazcabantac
    IG: @einrazcabantac

  1. Tinky guañez said...:

    maria kristina punla
    twitter: tinkyguanez
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    Full name: kristine Pelayo
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    Full name: Theresa Cruz-Escaros
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  1. diane said...:

    Name: Diana Beatima
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    IG: @dianne1276

  1. Camille Rivera said...:

    Joined!! :)
    Name: Camille Rivera
    Twitter: @camsrivers
    IG: @camsrivers

  1. Full name: Patricia Rivera
    Twitter name: @EatNandosWith1D
    Instagram username: @patxrivera

  1. Jeda Gonzales said...:

    Jeddahlyn Gonzales
    IG/Twitter: @iamjeday

  1. Istin said...:

    Full name: Maria Christina Gumatay
    Twitter name: istin21
    Instagram username: istin_21

  1. Janice Que said...:

    Joined :)
    NAME: Janice Que
    IG: @quejaja
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    Joined :)
    NAME: Arra Odeza
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  1. Name: Arianne Mae C Capaciete
    Twitter: @ariannemae007
    IG: ariannemae007

  1. Cy Valencia said...:

    Cy Valencia
    Twitter: @cyvalcy29
    IG: @allcutestuffs

  1. Full name: Glenda Candedeir
    Twitter name: glendacandedeir
    Instagram username: the_makeup_ph

  1. Mei Bee said...:


    Amabelle Wee
    Twitter: @amabellewee
    IG: weebelliv

  1. Micah Aguiman said...:

    Joined. Hope to win :)
    Micah Aguiman
    twitter: @mikaii24
    ig: @mikaiima

  1. Aj Chan said...:

    Abigail Joyce Chan
    Twitter: @AjtChan
    IG: @ajtchan

  1. Katherine Mae Sarmiento said...:

    Katherine Mae Sarmiento
    IG: @katerens311

  1. gayle sy said...:

    Abigail Sy
    Twitter: @abbysy11
    IG: @abbysy11

  1. Joyce Gabriel said...:

    Joyce Gabriel
    IG -- @gabiejz8
    TW -- @gabiejz8

  1. Carla Perez said...:

    Name: Maria Carla Perez
    IG - @lhayperez
    TW: @lhay24

  1. Name: Mica May Baldonado
    IG: @micamay30
    Twitter: @MicaMay30

  1. Rhea Liza L. Muñoz
    twitter: @reishkim
    instagram: @reshadon

  1. Feng Manlapaz
    twitter: bumblinbiterbugs
    IG: bumblingbitterbugs

  1. Full name: Julie-Ann Sta. Ines
    Twitter name: @jasiloves15
    Instagram username: @annjeliu

  1. Eddielli said...:

    Joining! :)
    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay
    Tw: @Eddielli
    IG: @eddielli

  1. Caryn M said...:

    caryn morales
    twitter/ig: @ccm_1981

  1. Yhie Nocasa said...:

    Pls count me in
    Lorielyn Nocasa
    T: @iamyhienocasa
    IG: @yhienocasa

    thank you :D

  1. Joy Merced said...:

    count me in!
    Lovely Joy Merced
    twitter & ig: @joyluck_614

  1. Cheryl Tumbaga said...:

    Cheryl Tumbaga
    Twitter: @mystifiedche24

  1. Kelvin Vidamo said...:

    John Kelvin Vidamo
    Twitter & Instagram : @johnvidamo

  1. Kelvin Vidamo said...:

    John Kelvin Vidamo
    Twitter & Instagram :@johnvidamo

  1. Angeline R. Espineli
    twitter: @arespineli
    instagram: @parespineli

  1. Joan said...:


    Full Name: Joan Macawili
    twitter: @meeeow18
    ig: @meeeow18

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