A Dose of History: Ilocos Travel Diaries (Bangui, Burgos and Batac)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Finally, the last one! 

I've honestly tried to include everything in my last post but they just wouldn't fit in. Too long for a blog post. So this is the last sequel to my Ilocos Travel Diaries. Sharing with you guys our trip to Bangui, Burgos and Batac Ilocos Norte and our trip back to Vigan.

Fifth stop: Bangui Wind Farm

The Bangui wind mills are located along the 9-kilometer long shoreline off the Bangui bay. Just the sight of these equally-spaced 20 Southeast Asia's biggest turbines left me awestruck. Even the ocean was sparkling blue. Presently, the wind farm is under Phase III of construction wherein 6 new wind turbines are planned to be erected.

The place is open freely to the public and is kept neat by the villagers. I would suggest you drop by really early in the morning or late in the afternoon because we went there around lunch time and sun was really scorching hot. And the sand was, too. Make sure to bring a cap or umbrella.
Each wind turbine has the capacity to generate electricity up to a maximum of 1.65 Megawatts for a total of 24.75 Megawatts. - See more at: http://www.philippinetraveldestinations.com/bangui-windmills.html#sthash.88OBQO3F.dpuf
Each wind turbine has the capacity to generate electricity up to a maximum of 1.65 Megawatts for a total of 24.75 Megawatts. - See more at: http://www.philippinetraveldestinations.com/bangui-windmills.html#sthash.88OBQO3F.dpuf
Each wind turbine has the capacity to generate electricity up to a maximum of 1.65 Megawatts for a total of 24.75 Megawatts. - See more at: http://www.philippinetraveldestinations.com/bangui-windmills.html#sthash.88OBQO3F.dpu

The obligatory windmill famfie!
If you are looking for really cute and cheap souvenirs, there's a few stands just a few steps from the shore. We bought their Nat Geo-inspired sandos as pasalubong for my father. The material is nice and comfy. The smallest windmills can be bought at P 20 each.

Sixth stop: Cape Bojeador

Not far away from the town of Bangui is the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Burgos, Ilocos Norte-- so named because it overlooks the Cape Bojeador and the vast West Philippine Sea. In order to reach the lighthouse, you will need to climb several steps. When we reached the top, however, we noticed it was under renovations so that some parts are not accessible to travelers. They say it's still operational, though. So once you're there, never forget the scenery. It will be worth the climb. :)

Seventh stop: Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

The rock formations are located on the rocky coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. I didn't exactly see the rock formations myself because it's already siesta time of the day and an approximately 600-meter trek is already tiring for me. Kel and his brother were the only ones who went because their parents already had the chance visiting the site several years back.

Anyway, just see for yourself through these pictures how magnificently created these creamy white, limestone formations are.

Last stop: Ferdinand Marcos Presidential Center

Initially, we planned to visit the Paoay Dunes. Unfortunately, when we went there the 4WDs can only accommodate 5 passengers and we were 7 (of course, with 2 kids). Although we weren't able to see the dunes and try the sand boarding for ourselves (which Kel had been so seriously wanting to try), we didn't really have much time to get upset probably because we're a little tired already for the day. We, then, decided to stop-over Batac and visit the resting place of the late President Marcos' body.

The Presidential Center is the very own ancestral house of the late president's family in Batac. Since the museum is privately owned and has recently been refurbished, entrance is now priced at P50.00. I've never seen the museum before but my mother-in-law would tell how much different it is now from what it was before.

Some of you might also have heard or known that Marcos' remains lie in this mausoleum. It's being kept in a glass-topped coffin inside an air-conditioned room. But I don't really believe. Haha! It's just a wax replica. Some would say that the real remains lie underneath. Still had the goosebumps, anyway!

Tip: Make sure to come before 4 pm if you want to see the wax figure of the late president. There's a viewing time folks for non-relatives and friends. Lol

The plate numbers that the Marcoses used

 Some of Imelda's Filipiniana dresses

Another tip: Try the dragon fruit ice cream in Batac. Gaaah! I forgot the flavor of the green one. Hahaha!

Just before our day ended, we went back to Vigan City. Nathan badly wants this new toy that Kel bought along Calle Crisologo. Luckily, we were able to see one of Vigan's newest attractions-- the dancing fountain show. And I just found out that it's Korean-engineered. Really cute!

Lastly, the Vigan experience wouldn't have been all complete without us trying the authentic Ilocos empanada, freshly eaten along the street of Calle Crisologo!

And that folks was the culmination of my 2014 summer trip! Thank you, Ilocos! Will definitely come back for the sand dunes.

Next stop next year:


Right, Kelmer? Hihi. <3


  1. wow ang ganda naman po jan.relaxing nmn talaga

  1. Eddielli said...:

    Wow! I really admire Ilocos for being one of the most visited destinations! I love to go to the Bangui Wind Farm next summer probably! :)

  1. I also love to travel with my family, i think our next stop will be ilocos a very nice place. Thanks for the nice pictures. Im really exicted to go there & try the dragon fruit ice cream.

  1. Mona Verdida said...:

    Your pictures are really breathtaking and the windmills are definitely majestic! I've never been to that place yet, but when I do, I'll definitely buy those cute souvenirs! :) Thanks for posting!

  1. ilocos place is the best talaga

  1. Shandie Valdez said...:

    Pag Ilocos talaga pinagusapan dyan papasok ang mga magagandang destinations/beach resorts :)

  1. wow,the place looks so nice,i want to visit those place next year when school year ends!

  1. Hi! Lovely blog and great post ❤️! We invite you to visit my blog :)

    kisses! ;)

  1. Hi Mercy! You must try the empanada, too! =)

  1. Jamelle Castro said...:

    OMG! I really wanted to go there. Happy for you, you can travel and make good memories with your family. ^^ Thanks for the blog, now I know what to visit when we get there (fingers crossed, haha!).

  1. Leilani Gamboa said...:

    The little boy's photo at the top is so adorable. You guys obviously had fun during your stay there

  1. Hi Leilani! Thanks for the compliment. We really did. Hehe. :)

  1. mary soriano said...:

    I hope someday I'd be able to go to a beatiful place like this. Thanks for the good reviews about Ilocos! :)

  1. Wow So nice to read this articles because i love travel adventure.. hope to be there and experience the fun and excitement in Ilocos

  1. Joy Merced said...:

    Yay! Beautiful Ilocos! I've been to Vigan but didn't get the chance to explore those beautiful spots!

  1. Shandie Valdez said...:

    Maganda talaga sa Ilocos (Norte/Sur) the best din sa mga pasyalan. Maraming magagandang beach na di pa nadidiscover. :)

  1. Nakarelax dyan super sarap pumunta dyan :)

  1. nice place very ganda very relaxing sarap kasama family

  1. Yes, I agree super ganda po talaga sa ilocos. 1 to 3 days is not enough to explore historical and relaxing places there :)

  1. Shandie Valdez said...:

    try nyo po dun sa farm ng dragon fruit maganda dun tsaka msarap ung products nila made of dragon fruits (malamang shands) pero nkalimutan ko na ung name. hehe

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