Etude House's Wonder Pore Freshner: A Review

Thursday, December 19, 2013
For too long a time, I've been looking for a skin care product that would be sensitive for my skin needs. You see, I've always had this pimply face since I was in high school. And it only got worse when I consulted a Dermatologist a few years back and was prescribed with Tretinoin soap. My pimply face got oily. Well, it is actually Tretinoin's side effect. It's basic mechanism of action is to remove excess sebum from your pores to prevent it from clogging. Thus, the oiliness. The sad part was, even after I stopped the regimen,' cause I was a bit worried from not being to control it, my face remained oily after almost a year of not using the soap.

I've already tried about 3 toners from famous brands. The previous one was the longest and had been my trusty regimen for quite some time. But, several weeks ago, I was happy to experience Etude House's Wonder Pore Freshner. A 100 mL bottle of toner came free when I bought a BB cream. With just 2 weeks of use, I'm claiming that it really did improve the oiliness of my face. My acne would erupt less than it usually does.

The Wonder Pore line of products include the foam wash, the white clay clear, freshner mist, soda powder, corrector and the freshner/ toner. The toner comes in 250 mL and 500 mL, priced at P 478.00 and P 748.00, respectively. I've emptied the 100 mL for more than a month so I'm guessing the biggest one will last for about 5 to 6 months. Pretty cost-effective. 

The Wonder Pore Freshner promises to be a total solution for pore care. It features 7 pore effects:
1. Maintains pH 4.5 + 1
2. Refines skin tones
3. Keep the elasticity of pores
4. Deeply cleanses pores
5. Minimizes appearance of pores
6. Control a large amount of sebum
7. Moisturize inside and outside of skin

I use the product twice a day-- once in the morning before I put on my make-up and at night before sleeping. It does feel refreshing after I put on my face, like a menthol feel that lasts for about few seconds. My skin feels clean afterward, yes. I even had less bouts of acne breakouts. As with the pore size, I haven't notice any remarkable change on them yet. One friend, however, commented once on my FB profile picture that my face was poreless. Haha. But here's just to hoping the pores would improve.

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  1. ERIC ROMERO said...:

    can we be friends?

    add me: at FB

    tnx! ;-)

  1. You are so pretty! Your skin looks glowing! Will definiely try this one soon! Love it!

  1. Hi Aegeane. This one makes wonder to my oily face. Been using this for 6 months now. :)

  1. Mona Verdida said...:

    After reading your story about your experience from consulting to the dermatologist because I, too, had a similar story. When I went to a derma when I was in high school, he gave me a toner that's supposed to bring out all the acne to my face. I remember him saying, "Palalabasin nya yung mga pimples mo para hindi na bumalik." Of course, I followed his advice, but after a few months of being tormented by pimples, I stopped it already. I just relied on local products to get rid of my pimples such as Ponds, Eskinol, etc. Lucky for the peeps today, Korean products are almost everywhere and Etude House is indeed one of the best ones in the market. I'm currently using their BB Cream and it really works wonders for me. I still haven't tried this Wonder Pore, but after seeing your glowing face from the pic, I think it's worth to try :) Thanks for the post!

  1. Liberty Floro said...:

    I agree to you The Wonder Pore Freshner of Etude House is very effective because it was used by my daugther..

  1. love to try this! it might be the solution for my face

  1. yna Bronozo said...:

    I love Etude from the start all their products are superb!!! I'm glad you found wonder pore freshner, and I love your skin it seems like glowing hehe seems like etude products really gives that korean glow noh

  1. Eddielli said...:

    I actually have one pero hindi ko pa nagagamit haha! Hopefully kapag naubos na yung kiehl's toner ko, I'll be able to use! Thanks for this review Dra. Tina! :)

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