The OB Rotation That Was

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Two months into OB and I could not express how grateful I was of the experiences I gained after that rotation. As beginners, each rotation is always filled with anxiety and clueless-ness. In OB, toxicity is an understatement-- and we were all aware of that even before the rotation even started. We heard rumors and the countless stories of previous clerks of their (mis)adventures.

But after 2 months, OB rotation was definitely not at all bad.

My favorite post would have to be NSD (normal spontaneous delivery). I could probably not explain that wonderful feeling of being inside the delivery and the rush of endorphins whenever you hear the rolling of the wheels of the stretcher and your co-clerk shouting "FULLY!", which means a fully dilated preggy is about to give birth. I enjoyed repairing episitiomies (with local anesthesis, of course, because most of us don't) and seeing them well at the wards later after that 30 minutes or so of torment.

Everyone probably dreads the wards because being alone at night to finish all the carry-outs you are tasked is probably not fun at all especially if there are 60+ patients in the wards. 

In OB, ambivalence is a real thing. Most residents are, they say, 'bipolar'. You'll get used to that normalcy once you're there-- not because it's a constant sight, but because initiative is a must. You need not to be told what to do, you have to decide and make a move on your own. And it is, ironically, the one thing I admire most about being an OB clerk. The fact that when you're shouted at means that you've done something wrong. It may not be the best form of learning but you will eventually learn to understand why it happens-- that great load of stress is just inevitable. You have to constantly keep in mind that it's never a form of public humiliation (although sometimes it may look like one). When you are being shouted at, it's nothing personal. Funny, because later when you go out dining with the residents, they will still remember that one embarassing thing you did and you will just find yourself laughing the rest of the day with them.

I definitely fell in love with Pedia but I say OB has been the more memorable rotation so far. 'Cos if there are two things OB had taught me-- presence of mind and grace under pressure.


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  1. Eddielli said...:

    When I was a student nurse way back 2009, I love OB ward! Lots of cute babies! But when I became a nurse under RN HEALS program, I will agree to you na napaka-toxic pala sa ward na yan, haha! But when I have finsihed my rotation there after 3 months, I have learned two things also. It was presence of mind and grace under pressure also! haha!

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