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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
It's been months since summer 2014 but my skin complexion hasn't recovered yet from several unwanted tanning episodes. I always have this ambivalent feeling of wanting to dip in the water for long hours and hating myself after for getting tawny whenever I visit the beach. For 'morenas' like me, it's quite difficult to win back that 'lighter' skin complexion.

So after receiving a whitening loot from Ms. Michelle Rivera of Mischka Derma Secret, I was just so excited to use them. I've received 2 packages-- the first one was a set of soap and whitening lotion and the other one 3 tubs of hair and skin care products. 

Mischka Derma Secret offers a line of eco-friendly beauty products which are all derma-formulated with maximum supervision of health professionals. The company's mission is to create healthy skin by providing natural and therapeutic skin care formulas rich in antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals. And true to its mission, their product ingredients are all combination of organic materials.

When I opened the package, the products were carefully sealed in bubble wraps. Though not really that fragile, it was nice that they make sure they're  protected from being damaged or cracked. The products are neatly wrapped in plastic and everything you need to know are written on the packaging label.

I've received three different soaps-- one anti-aging, another whitening and an exfoliating soap.

Oatmeal and Almond Soap. An extra gentle exfoliating bar that also soothes and defends skin against dryness and irritation. It is enriched with the best combination of cocoate glycerin, oat, kernel flour and almond extract. 

Calamansi with Honey Soap. A skin whitener with a high amount of alpha hydroxyl acids. Since it has calamansi, it also has deodorizing properties. 

Milky White Soap. Contains goat's milk which help exfoliate dead skin cells while retaining smoother and younger looking skin. It also has lactic acid that promotes skin whitening and acts as an anti-aging agent.

For almost a month now, I religiously used them alternating one with the other. So far I already consumed my bar of Oatmeal and Almond soap. It was my favorite among the 3. I like the milky smell and smoothing feel it leaves my skin. But what I really love is the gentle exfoliating it gives whenever the oatmeal beads rub against my skin.

Recommendations: It might be a little irritating for persons with sensitive skin. It left a mild stinging sensation whenever I leave the lather longer than 2 minutes, which is manageable to me since I'm already used to dermatologist-prescribed soaps like those I've used for acne which leave a stinging sensation. But so far, there have been no other irritations nor breakouts on me. Just a tip for those with really sensitive skin and would like to try the products, consider trying to apply for less than a minute first if it would produce any untoward reactions.

Inside the loot was a Triple Whitening lotion which I use to reinforce my whitening. I's Mischka Derma Secret's advanced formulation that produces triple action-- lightening, whitening and brightening.

This product contains pineapple (bromelain) and papaya (papain) enzymes which help wash away dead skin cells to reveal brighter and healthier-looking skin. Also, these fruits also has high amounts of antioxidants to help fight free radicals that damage your skin cells.

What I love about this product is the light fruity scent  it has when you apply. It lathers too well that it looks sticky on the skin but you almost does not feel it after completely rubbing. Plus, you only need to put an ample amount on your skin so one bottle can last you a month or two. I still haven't emptied mine after 1 month of usage.

Here are my before and after pics after using for almost 1 month. Disclaimer: There's little lighting on the 2nd photo. You can still compare the complexion on my forearm.

As with the whitening process, it's really never easy as 1, 2, 3. Trust me, I've been a morena all my life and I've practically tried most budget whitening products there are in the market-- from soaps, toners, moisturizers, lotion, etc. But remember that a little goes a long way. 

Now, will I repurchase? Certainly!

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Disclaimer: All reviews on this blog are the honest opinion of the author. They are not, in any way, affected by sponsor samples.


  1. Eddielli said...:

    I have heard about positive reviews of Mischka products! I want to try for myself!

  1. I've received Mischka products before as a gift from a blogger. It was an Oatmeal and Almond soap and a lotion which I forgot the name. One thing I noticed about this product was the packaging, I hope they could improve the packaging. The lotion I'm using got it's name erased agad when my hands are damped wet. They got effective products I agree with you Tina. :)

  1. Aj Chan said...:

    Are these organic? I would also love to review these products hope they send me some! hahaha! :)

  1. Cy Valencia said...:

    I'd love to try these. I heard so many good reviews and I am so excited to try it.

  1. EmCel Fajardo said...:

    I would like to try this looks effective ..

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