A Bit of Brightness in the Expanse: My Post-Birthday Giveaway [Closed]

Monday, August 25, 2014
Hello, loves! I've been on a long hiatus again. My OB-GYN rotation has got me all hovered my line of duty. Although I'm a bit sad that my 2 months in that rotation was over now, I had to persuade myself to discover some fancy on other possible clinical specialties as well.

Anyway, the month of August is almost over. That fast! And last 17th, I just celebrated my 27th birthday! Getting too old, eh? 

The month of August seems to be a bit of a gloomy month since it's part of the rainy season. But I always have it the other way. And for the first time in my blogging history, I would like to share with you guys a brightening treat on my birth month.

Together with Vanilla & Co. Gourmet Skin Care, I will be giving away these awesome prizes to one (1) lucky winner.

All you need to do is join through the Rafflecopter app below. You know the drill!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest is open to Philippine residents only and will end on September 26, 2014. I will announce the name of the winner on my twitter account and through this same post so make sure to check my blog from time to time. I will be shipping the prizes to the winner free of charge!

Happy post-duty me!

Good luck! :)

Rain Gatdula!

Kindly wait for my e-mail on how you can claim your prize. Thanks for joining everyone and watch out for the next giveaway on my blog. Happy reading! 


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Happy birthday ms. Tina! I wish you more birthdays and blogs to come. More power and Godbless you and your family.

    Mercy grace dela cruz
    Twitter name @mercygracedc
    Ig name mercygracedc

  1. Iamsweet Kitty said...:

    Happy Birthday Ms. Tina Elaine :) Wishing you all the best. More blessings and happiness to come!

    Full name: Danica Marie Abrigo
    Twitter name: @iamsweetcat
    Instagram username: @lovesweetkitty

  1. kelly biasong said...:

    Happy birthday DOC :D
    Im also a midwife and a nurse nakakatuwa naman pag nakakakita ng mga ob gyne like you :D
    gusto ko din mag doctor someday pag may pera pa i salute you :) happy birthday po AND Godbless

    Full name: kelly john a biasong
    twitter name:kellybiasong
    instagram username:kellybiasong

  1. Cyril Valencia said...:

    Happiest Birthday Ms. Tina :) Wisging you good health, more blessings to come and more candles to blow. :)

    Cy Valencia
    Twitter: @cyvalcy29
    IG: @allcutestuffs

  1. CLAIRE SERENO said...:

    Name: Claire Sereno
    Twitter Name: @MayeeXin
    Instagram: Mayee_Xin

    Happy Birthday Doc!

    Continue to be Awesome! Keep Blogging! And inspiring us!
    More birthdays to come!

  1. Astra said...:

    Happy Birthday! I hope that all wishes and dreams come true! Thank you very much for the great giveaway.

    Astra C. Alegre
    Twitter: glemmegei
    Instagram: glemmegei

  1. Eyz Abanilla said...:

    MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN PO MS. TINA! Sana marami pang blessings ang dumating saiyo at ingat po palage. Godbless! Parehas po tayo ng Birth month! :D

    Name: Aizel Annil Abanilla
    IG: peppereyz

  1. Eyz Abanilla said...:

    MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN PO MS. TINA! Sana marami pang blessings ang dumating saiyo at ingat po palage. Godbless! Parehas po tayo ng Birth month! :D

    Name: Aizel Annil Abanilla
    IG: peppereyz

  1. Happy birthday. Being generous is a wonderful gift by God for you. Stay who you are. And may God bless you more.

    Joan rafunzel Medina



  1. Jello Bean said...:

    Wish you all the best for your birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday po! More blessings to come.stay beauty inside and out :)

    Full name: kristine Pelayo
    Twitter name: @kristinepelayo
    Instagram username: @mylifekianjeff

  1. kehrin morales said...:

    happy birthday po miss tina! cheers!

    yen morales
    twiter/ig: @kehrinmorales

  1. Mai Balaibo said...:

    Happy Birthday Ms. Tina. Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.

    Maridol Balaibo
    Twitter: cattymai
    IG: catty_mai

    "Remember the past but look forward to the future for the best things are yet to come."

  1. Happy birthday po Mam Tina! enjoy!
    helen gatbonton
    twitter and ig:jhendhet

  1. EmCel Fajardo said...:

    Happy birthday Tina! wishing you happiness and good health may you get the best that you deserve and more power on your blog and blessing on your career.

    Maricel Fajardo
    IG/Twitter: @Hya_cel08

  1. Leilani Gamboa said...:

    Leilani Gamboia
    laigamboa8 - twitter and instagram
    Happy bday sis! I wish you more bdays to come. Thanks for being so generous to your followers. God Bless.

  1. Happy Birthday Miss Tina! I wish you good health and more blessing from God. Thank you for sharing your blessing to us by this giveaway.

    Kleah Marie Fortunado
    Twitter: @KleshLovesJeno
    Instagram: @kleshi

  1. Maria C. said...:

    Happy Birthday Ms. Elaine.
    May you have more blessings come on your way. God speed.. :)

    Maria Correa
    IG: panget_xoxo
    twitter: MariaFernmm22


  1. Happy Birthday, Doktora!

    Full name: Theresa Cruz-Escaros
    Twitter name: @TereCruzEscaros
    Instagram username: @TereCruzEscaros

  1. Mona Verdida said...:

    Belated happy birthday, Doc Tina! :D May you have more blessings, more happiness, and more patients to help :) God bless you and your beautiful family.

    Full name: Mona Liza Verdida
    Twitter name: @mverdida
    Instagram username: monaverdida

  1. vanskyut said...:

    happy birthday ms. tina..more fruitful years to come! more power to ur blog & God bless!
    Full name: Vanessa Grace C. Lim
    IG & Twitter: vanskyut

  1. Riyalyn Gatdula
    IG: yurilovesteddy
    Twitter: @rainkie

  1. aiza sakaluran said...:


  1. Caryn M said...:

    happy birthday po!

    caryn morales
    twitter/ig: @ccm_1981

  1. raquel solis said...:

    Happy Birthtday Ms. Elaine
    I wish you more happiness and more Birthday's to come
    Pagpalain po sana kayo at gabayan!
    Raquel Solis
    IG: raquell_solis961

  1. Ninita Camara said...:

    Happy Birthday to you,stay pretty and more blessings to come!

    Ninita Camara
    Twitter: @rhenyjen

  1. Tinky guañez said...:

    maria kristina punla

    twitter: tinkyguanez
    instagram: airamzenaug

  1. Hi dear, happy birthday. Hope you'll have a good one. God bless you. :)
    Roselle Gonzaga
    T: @tyleandglow
    I: @irisfairybox

  1. CherTinLum said...:

    Happy Birthday Ms. Elaine! You are such a blessed person that you always share it with others, truly the Lord has been good with you. May God will continue to bless you throughout your life. :)

    Full name: Cherry T. Lumba
    Twitter name: cherrycious04
    Instagram username: primadonna0904

  1. Agnes DC said...:

    Happy Birthday Ms.Tina! Enjoy the day with full of love and blessings.

    Agnes Dela Cruz
    Twitter: @magz_dc
    IG: @magzdc

  1. yna Bronozo said...:

    Happy Birthday Ms. Tina!
    Thank you for sharing your awesome post to us readers everything is very much appreciated.
    May all your wishes come true.
    Wish you all the best.
    God Bless po!!!

    Marie Katrina Bronozo
    Twitter - Instagram: @yns023

  1. ning said...:

    Happy birthday!
    I've realized that as I spend and celebrate birthdays, as years pass me by... i come to understand more of myself, what i want and where i want to be.
    I hope you have these realizations as well and are doing what you want. Everybody says YOLO but the truth is, we don't really have to try everything. We just have to find something that makes us happy and fulfilled. Something that makes us want to get up every morning.
    I am still finding my reasons but i hope you'll bear with my long message. >_<

    I've realized the things so far.
    1. It took me more than a decade to get over my heartache but realized that its not about finding someone to like me but rather asking myself what i have to offer a relationship.

    2. Don't rely on someone to make you happy. Try to be happy by being yourself.

    3. There's just so much clothes, shoes, makeup (and whatever) you can have and use. Its better for the environment to just weed it down to what you actually use.

    4. Time is the most valuable thing you have. Use it wisely. Spend it with people you love, doing things that you like. Stop wasting it on nonsensical, irrational and trivial things.

    5. Love what you do and be passionate about it. Responsibility and talent can only get you so far but passion is the reason why we can still go on long after everybody has given up.

    That's it, sis. Be happy. Be successful in your endeavors. Love your job. Love your family. Take care of the environment and Happy birthday. ^_^

    Luningning Arabiran
    Twitter: yingying27
    Instagram: luningning27

  1. Carlos Lang said...:

    Happy Birthday Ms.TIna. Thank you for sharing your blessings.
    Carlos Andres
    IG: @lightcrusader1

  1. lynee ayuban said...:

    Hello Ms. Tina Happy Happy Birthday Stay pretty and blessed, enjoy your day <3 :)
    Name : Lynee Ayuban
    Twitter: bayronlynee29
    Insta G: vineet29a

  1. Daisy Gaufo said...:

    HI Ms. Tina Thank you for allowing me to join on your Birthday celebration giveaways.... I am too happy to have this cool items... stay safe and God Bless You Happy Happy Birthday Ms. Tina

  1. Abegail Madera said...:

    have a happy birthday ms tina:) enjoy your special day and God bless!
    abegail madera

  1. rhozallino said...:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. TINA More Blessings to come! thank You...

    Rhozallino Ramones

  1. Anna A. said...:

    Joy, health, wealth on your birthday and always! :)

    Anna Maria Adona
    Twitter: @ako_ang_nagwagi
    Instagram: @ako_ang_nagwagi

  1. Mariel Teodoro said...:

    Happy Birthday po! :) God bless and more blessings to come in your way! :)

    Mariel Teodoro
    Twitter: MaTeodss
    IG: marielteodoro


    Full name: Michelle L. Gaad
    Twitter name: Michelle Liro
    Instagram username: michelleliro

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Happy birthday Tina! Stay beautiful! ;)

    Jam Malicdem
    twitter @jamango01
    ig @jomalicdem

  1. Kimberly Tiu said...:

    Happy Birthday!! More power!! Wishing you more blessings in everything

    Kimberly Camille Tiu
    Twitter: kimtiu37

  1. Anna Marie M. said...:

    Happy birthday Ms. Tina. Wish you luck and good health. More power to your blog!

    Full name: Anna Marie Marigomen
    Twitter name: cutebaby1209
    Instagram username: cutebaby1209

  1. Aya Ampioco said...:

    Happy Birthday Miss Tina! Wishing you more blessings in life. God Bless you.

    Ma. Dolores Ampioco
    twitter: _ohlalamaria
    ig: _ohlalamaria

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. Tina, wishing you good health. more and more blessings to come and to be share with us... :)

    Full Name: Abigail Del Rosario
    Twitter Name: @myangel0528
    Instagram Name: @angel052882

  1. bochog said...:

    Happy Bday ms Tina.More power to your blog

    Allan Reyes

  1. elvira saenz said...:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Wishing you a good health and more power to your blog!!!

    name: Elvira Saenz
    twitter: @arivle1527
    instagram: @arivle1527

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Happy birthday miss Tina..!! wishing you po more blessings to come and good health..!!

    Full Name: Julie-Ann Sta. Ines
    Twitter: @jasiloves15
    IG: @annjeliu

  1. NasyaRob said...:

    Happy Birthday! I wish you luck and love! <333

    Anastasiya Klimova
    twitter @NasyaRob
    inta - lovesummerbeauty

  1. Happy 27th Miss Tina.God continue shower you more blessings and more Birth dates to come.You have a big heart and kind because you share your blessings to other.Keep it up.Gob bless yo and your family.
    Full name: Vicenta Castillo Family
    Twitter name:vicenta1979
    Instagram username:vicenta1979

  1. Happy Birthday Ms. Tina!
    I wish you more bdays to come, Good health for you & your family, more blessings & more success in your life.
    Please continue inspiring us your readers. <3

    Maria May Ochea
    Twitter: @itsMAY24
    IG: @may091589

  1. riaramirez4 said...:

    Happy Bday! Wishing you more success, projects and giveaways hehe!! :o)))

    Full name: mary anne ramirez
    Twitter name: @rhiyaramirez4
    Instagram username: @strictlymeee

  1. Happy Birthday :-)

    Full name: Charmane Agbayani
    Twitter name: Charmane Agbayani
    Instagram username: @imchammy16

  1. riaramirez4 said...:

    ria ramirez
    twitter: @rhiyaramirez4
    IG: strictlymeee

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you luck and success and long life po!

  1. henley said...:

    Happy birthday Tina! more blessings and keep blogging.
    henley tabal
    twitter: @hennypennyisred
    IG: henlaye

  1. happy birthday lovely girl, hope more bdays and giveaways to come :)
    Raymond Crisostomo

  1. Janice Que said...:

    Happy Birthday and more power to your blog!
    Janice Que
    TWITTER: @quejaja
    IG: @quejaja


    Dionisio Bien Bautista
    tw: @dionibau
    Ig: @biyenbautista

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