Hayan Korea Wrinkle Repair Mask: A Review

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some of you may already be familiar with Hayan Korea from other fashion and cosmetic blogs. Hayan Global Korea is a new line of Korean cosmetics introduced to our country just recently. Their wide array of products use exquisite and natural ingredients that promises to help revive your skin, Iike plant extracts vitamins. I personally knew about it through other blogs as well so I also wanted to find out for myself what the fuss was all about.

A week ago, I received a few samples from their company and decided to try it on my own. I wanted to take a much closer look at each product so I decided to blog on each product one at a time.

I first received this Wrinkle Repair Mask Sheet for women. It’s created to take of wrinkles and add a little elasticity to your skin. I may not have wrinkles now so I decided its better if my mom-in-law used it instead. My mother-in-law still works as a Math teacher in a public high school in Pangasinan (Whew! Tough one!). Well, obviously, the stress at work brought the setting in of wrinkles at an earlier age, or so I thought. Anyway, I had her use the product and here’s her little review, by the way.

Before I put on the mask on her, I made sure she had washed her face with warm water thoroughly. The mask just fits her oblong-shaped face but it you are rather a little small-face, the mask will still fit since it has cuts on the side to fit. The serum smelled a little like menthol which made her feel comfortable. Also, it does not fall off even when she walks around the house so one can just practically do something while waiting for the serum to set in. She can even wear her eyeglasses on top of it. Haha!

After 20 minutes of application, we had to remove the mask. There was left-over serum all over her face but you just had to let it all dry—there’s no need to wash it off. There’s probably not much of a change if you take a look at it closely or probably my camera’s not a pro but she told me her face felt a little relaxed after the application. There was no sticky feeling after the extra serum dried on her face rather it felt supple, according to her.

If you wanna try this good new product, you can purchase it at your nearest cosmetic store for only P15.00. Isn’t it awesome how cheap skin care could be? Plus, an extra tip: You can place the mask inside your fridge for several minutes to have a cool feeling upon application.


  1. Eddielli said...:

    I like Hayan Korea items! I also like their BB cream! Super effective talaga yang face mask nila! :)

  1. Hi Eddielli! I haven't tried their BB cream yet. Is it good for oily skin? Because mine's really. Pls advise me. Thank you!

  1. Eddielli said...:

    My answer will be yes! Because it has sebum control! My face is oily too! And it works great for me! :)

  1. Mona Verdida said...:

    I admire your Mom-in-law for being a math teacher. Ang hirap kayang magturo ng math! :D Anyways, I'm not much into beauty masks, but Hayan is a familiar brand for me because we use their massage cream that works wonders to the skin so I guess their mask is worth to try. :)

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