Marjs Hotel: My Worst Hotel Experience

Monday, May 21, 2012
Last week, my husband and I decided that I come with him on one of his routine land trips to North Luzon. I was ecstatic because this time, it will be in Nueva Ecija and Isabela (a few weeks ago, I came with him to Pampanga). 

On our first night, we stayed at Hotel Francesko in San Jose, Nueva Ecija. It was a newly built hotel just a few meters away from town. Our room was a small, airconditioned one. It has a nice, cozy bed for two. The hotel room surely caters to just everything you'll need in your stay -- hot and cold shower, cable TV, table and chair and hangers (they're a must!).

The cafe served us with complimentary breakfast of your choice. And mind you, the servings are hearty and full. I ordered ham and cheese omelet and I was not disappointed. Would you even believe we only spent a thousand bucks for this very comfortable stay. I'll surely be back!

On our second night, we were very unfortunate to come across this small, creepy hotel in Ilagan, Isabela. Quite absurd is the fact that their 'centro' only has three (3) hotels available to accommodate travelers. And this hotel is just about the most decent of the least ones. We stayed in Marjs Hotel, which is just a few yards away from the town's marketplace. 

As I entered the place, I was to be surprised with what I am about to see. What I can't even believe is the fact that they charge quite the amount of what we paid for in our delightful stay in Hotel Francesko.

First, the hotel room was unkept. I can see it as the wall paint chips off. The door of our supposedly comfort room was completely uncomfortable to see as there were rusting all around. When I took a bath, I was even too reluctant to close the door since I was upset at how crummy it looked.

Second, you wouldn't dare lie on those bed linens if you weren't really tired. During that night, all I felt was a creeping sensation as if ants were crawling on my body. And to add to our misery, the bath towels given to us were like used ages ago-- there were even holes on them.

Third, they have no electricity generator. I almost cried that morning when I was taking a bath with my son, Nathan when suddenly, the lights went off and we were left chilling inside the bathroom because the hot shower went cold. 

Lastly, the food was unsavory and distasteful! I can't even eat with the smell of rust on their utensils. 
Luckily, we only have to stay there for a night because my husband agreed with me right away that we leave the place immediately. We moved to Japi Traveller's Inn in Cauayan, Isabela as soon as we checked-out and swore to myself to never to get back to that place ever again!  


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